New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

Warren files #9

Game changer

Rising up from the waters of the New Orleans Bay, rigid glass and steel spires cast long shadows across the sprawling metropolis. The crowded city provides homes for more than 1/2 million people who live out their existence with their eyes firmly fixed on their very own gleaming glass pinnacle. These unwitting pawns do not dare to pause for a moment to stop and look…look down murky alleyways and through dimly lit streets. There the creatures of darkness wage an unseen war of subterfuge and political intrigue against their friends and foes using both man, kindred and monster alike to fuel their unending campaigns. In this age of globalization the stakes have never been higher and all sides have upped the ante as New Orleans sits at the epicenter grand masquerade.

Hushed backroom deals, vicious betrayals, and deception are the tools of the trade. The crime lords and Evil kindred and others tug the strings… maneuvering and manipulating their minions like the puppet masters of a bygone era to further to their own mysterious game…a game they know all too well how to play. Existing just outside of the periphery of perception and understanding is the Lich, the evil rising and unknown, the living enigmas and masters of reality itself. These will workers labor tirelessly to their own unknowable goals slipping in and out of the grand game only briefly at their whim, fading back into obscurity leaving neither trace of their passing nor remnant of their enemies. Surrounded on all sides by their ancient foes are the Camarilla and the Sabatt to name the few. They stand back to back in their small patch of earth against all comers, sometimes lashing out with a savage brutality unmatched by any person or creature walking this earth. The kindred stand steadfast and cling to a faint but new hope born in the madness ,Liam. Like the ripples after a splash in a puddle, for every dark action wrought upon a society there is an equally dark reaction to that splash. In the shadows of the streets solitary quacks, conspiracy nuts, and fringe agents grimly lash out at the status quo, armed with fanatical determination to find the truth. This is New Orleans.

Ethan begin to question Liam. We left with out Liam as he backed down from going with us and he is supposed to be the Leader of this city. We then headed out to look for the Abomination with great determination. The kindred known as Eric landed on the car then said he had bonds for us at a residential house. They’re the payment for helping the wraith. We headed back to Elysium after Eric turned the car into a convertible. Ethan went to find information on the bonds could be a insurmountable fortune, I think we can deal with it. Liam still questioned me about the Lich instead of the topics at hand. Liam needs to become a leader or the city and everyone here is going to have a wake up call.


Best post. Ever.

Warren files #9

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