New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

Warren files #8

And so it begins

Arrival of Pasek lightened things up a bit. Liam and Pasek exchanged a few words and what… pleasantries. I was expecting a knock out drag out not …Twilight. If Liam gets sparkly think that would be the end of the city. On a more serious note, They seem to be focusing on the Lich hopefully when the city gets packed the focus will change. I made a deal so I need to keep the focus else where like who the hell is this Eric guy that basically forced me to go to the shadowlands?

With one step in the right direction everything will fall into place. Right now they probly think of me as reckless and can’t keep my mouth shut after all I left out a few things. They mentioned the Lich a lot, I only mentioned the Lich a little. Ethan has been very quite the last few nights. What is the innocu? Tonight we are going to the next step hopefully in the right direction.



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