New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

Two Accounted For. Four Yet To Arrive.

A Surprisingly Professional Exchange... So Far.

As prince of the city, I had hoped for a civil encounter with the Justicars. A little professional courtesy. So far, two have arrived and not disappointed me. Even Lucinde, in spite of her reputation for being difficult, has been quite reasonable so far. She didn’t sound as completely sold on this ridiculous “Masquerade Ball” as originally indicated. I may yet be able to deal with her. Anastaz is still a bit of a riddle but what can I expect from a warlock.

I’m pleased to learn that I won’t be dealing with Winters but I wonder what Lucinde is up to with these unknown, undercover Archons of hers. Somehow, I just don’t buy that they’re only here to watch our enemies while they’re in town. It makes perfect sense though. So why am I suspicious? Also, what the hell is Janice up to?

Perhaps it’s simply as I told Anastaz, I don’t trust easily.

I’m cautiously curious regarding who the other four Justicars will be.

Perhaps I’ll be able to gain some insight into the coming festivities from my audience with these two.

Liam, these coming nights are just the opportunity for you to show these people who they’re dealing with. Maybe once they see your methods in action, they’ll leave you alone and let you work.

Yeah, right.


It’s Lucinde, with an ‘e’


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