New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

Nuked Orleans; City Demised

Fire spreads throughout the helicopter’s cockpit and just before I black out, a white cloud bursts from the ground a few miles away, signaling that the nuclear bomb made contact. I awaken in the streets, the city is eerily quiet. There is a cry off in the distance, in the direction of ground zero. I begin to make my way there but find Peter standing awkwardly in a door way watching me. I call him out and he begins to talk about a pact with the devil he has made. ‘The man in Red, you’ll know him’. No more description could be made, which is enough to raise a red flag within me. Peter leaves to inform others, and I resume my journey to the center of destruction. Along the way I come across Liam, bald and burned, headed in the opposite direction of me. I convince him to turn around just as Granite lands before us. We go to my safe house to clean up and check for Justin. He is not there. We reside to rest as day is breaking. As I close my eyes for slumber I hear Granite telling someone he would go with them. I run out to Granite only to find him alone in the room but talking to someone. I ask him who he is speaking to but he simply waves and disappears. Unable to resist the curse any longer, I collapse and fall prey to the sleep of the dead. ~Ethan



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