New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

I Hear You Knocking But.... Oh, Fine! Come In!

But I Don't Have To Be Happy About It.


Paseck is here.

“Where’s that idiot?”, “Liam! You moron!”, “Where have you been?”, “What took you so long to get here?”

He insults me almost every time he opens his mouth but apparently, he’s something of a bad joke to his “peers”.

He and I shared about as civil an exchange as possible and that’s only because he and I are equally unhappy about having the Sabbat here.

The lich dusted two kindred but as best as I’ve been able to determine so far, everyone is accounted for which makes me think it may have been nosy Nosferatu or Lucinde’s super secret Archons snooping around.

Either way, it’s not going to lead to anything good.

That Holden guy is going to get himself into trouble if he doesn’t put a filter on that whole brain-mouth thing.

On the upside, Grant finally came through with that mind block I wanted. It’s now up to me to make it a little more convenient.

Justin is acquitting himself well except for his growing signs of impertinence toward me. It may be necessary to tighten his leash at some near future point, just to remind him to show the proper respect to his prince.

In a way, I’ll be glad when other kindred start showing up. The sooner I can hold my little recruitment drive and get some new permanent residence, the sooner all these so called leaders of the Camarilla will go home and get out of my hair. Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can use them to deal with this lich problem.



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