New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

devestation all over

We are in route to the target area they gave me a pistol and I traded it for submachine gun to Ethan. The flesh creatures spitting liquid that turns to fire begin attacking the helicopter. My gun jams and the next time it backfires next I find myself hanging off Ethan’s leg connected to a tether. Ethan goes to help me out and falls off also we are both hanging off a tether were we eventually make it back up Ethan swings a sword at a creature when it spews fire into the cockpit of the helicopter. Cowboy then blacks out and what seems like moments later he awakes in the ground then eventually finds the city destroyed and Ethan and Liam are still here.


Seems you’ve had a lot of Ethan on the brain as of late…..should he be concerned?

devestation all over

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