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  • Erik Von Holdt

    p. Erik is the [[Ventrue]] [[Archons | Archon]] of Lucinde. He lives primarily in Copenhagen, Denmark but has residences in a couple of other cities, including [[New Orleans | New Orleans]]. He is the primary stockholder in [[Meditech | Meditech,Inc]]. …

  • Gwen Winters

    Gwen was recently chosen as an [[Archons | Archon]] for [[Ventrue]] [[Justicar | Justicar]], Lucinde, and turned over [[Prince | princedom]] of New Orleans to [[:61910 | Don Juan]] as she travels.

  • Jason Harrison

    Jason is a recent arrival in the city arriving shortly after the Archon's call for newcomers to come and bolster the Camarilla presence in the city. During the recent destruction in the city, Ethan was able to determine that Jason was a Sabbat Templar …

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