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To let you know how this works, each post of the New Orleans Herald will start off with listing major mortal headlines and will then detail pertinent supernatural ongoings.

A new, if tentative, peace appears to be settling on New Orleans. Recent rise in crimerates seem to be slowly, but surely, turning around. Local Police Departments are taking a stand against gang activity and rioting, trying to provide safety for all the citizens of New Orleans.

In business news, Reflections Mall and Reflections Hotel appear to be handling the slight decrease in tourism the latest bouts of civil unrest have caused and appear to be ready to handle the new upswing.

Six Officers Dead
Breaking News!

Coming close on the heels of the release of notorious gang member, Trevor “Tee” Buchanan, NOPD has just released that six of their officers have been viciously gunned down in a local New Orleans residence.

Police state that the suspect is a New Orlean’s surgeon, Dr. Devon Slater. His whereabouts at this time are unkown but NOPD continues to be on the lookout for him.

Police have yet to release the names of the deceased officers.

Shroud Journal #1

Enter the Shroud Journal #1

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. It all began at a night club when I met Ivy guitarist for the band Silent Doctrine . It was a great night a bit of a chill other then that beautiful. The local radio station was at Illusions night club. The host questioned me about strange things. I danced with Ivy all eyes on us for a while live on the radio then I left shortly after. The next day is when things started getting crazy.

I awoke and went to pick up my son from a co-worker’s house who he spent the night with. That morning my son and I where eating breakfast when he came at me with a large knife. He spoke about the shroud and as if he knew my darkest secrets. Immediately tried to get the knife away from him. He seemed very strong. That is when he begin cutting himself. I immediately grabbed some prescription drugs and gave him one hoping it would knock him out. So I can fix him. Accidentally gave him the wrong pill so I took him to the emergency room to get his stomach pumped.

I gained the attention of cops after that. They followed me home to search my house. The first group of cops entered my house with me. Almost immediately the same knife from before begin floating and killing the cops. The second group of cops entered yelling demanding me to get on the ground so I did what they said. Then they where killed why I was face down. Getting up realizing I was in deep now the knife floated at me and dropped in my hand. Crimson blood now covered the once white room. I fled after picking up a officer’s gun to my boat then throwing the gun and knife off the side shortly after. My now so-called-lawyer called and arranged for me to turn myself in. Agent Mitchell Jones is the one who came to pick me up then brought me in to the station.

Hours later after questioning even about the disappearance of Ivy from Silent Doctrine. A man with the name Nathan or something close to that came into my cell very early in the morning he had a cigar cutter with crimson blood on it. He questioned me about what happened the day before. I mentioned the shroud and a floating knife he lifted me off the ground like I was a child. He left after taking some of my hair with the cigar cutter. Strange things like blood on the wall and flies happening. Then a voice asking me if I wanted out basically.“Yes!!”, I shouted. Then the door went blasting outward killing guards then a guard with a broken neck zombie like begins shooting other guards as I escaped then he fell to the ground outside.

About a few hours into the night after taking a car and a cellphone I called my lawyer and headed to the slums. While making my way to the slums area stumbled upon a horrible accident it was Agent Mitchell Jones. I attempted to help him then taking his keys and his gun. A large man stood with a sword shouted," He is mine." I Unloaded about 4 shots into the man then ran when he seemed to ignore it. Now getting ready to call the radio station and talk live on air.

Dr. Slater

Local Musician Misssing
Possible link to Dr. Slater

Ivy, lead guitarist for the nationally acclaimed rock band, Silent Doctrine, is reported as missing today.

Police state that she was last seen at Illusions night club last night. You may have heard about her on the radio where she was reported to be dancing with Dr. Devon Slater, the suspect from the shooting death of six officers reported earlier today.

Police are currently investigating all leads.

Bad Car Accident Ties Up Traffic
Many injured

Airplane Dr. near Hickory Ave. has been shut down eastbound for nearly four hours now due to a massive car accident.

Police state that a silver Chevrolet Impala was travelling west bound on Airplane Drive at approximately 6:15 pm when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle went over the median and landed on its roof in the eastbound lanes. The vehicle was struck multiple times by oncoming cars before all eastbound traffic finally came to a halt.

At this time we have reports that eighteen people have been transported to area hospitals for treatment. Police have told us they have not been able to locate the driver of the Impala and fear the driver may have been ejected from the vehicle.

Fading Away (1)
Running from Destiny

My night began just as unremarkable as all the others. We were interviewed by the local rock station, gracing them with a brief acoustic performance and then we were off to another night club. I am always willing to humor my fans as long as the drinks keep coming. I remember dancing with a man the DJ said looked like a serial killer. At the time the thought had amused me. Amongst the crowd I noticed a young girl watching me. Since she was too shy to approach I simply shrugged her off and when I looked for her again she was gone. No big deal, or so I had thought. The rest of the night was consumed in liquor, flashing lights and upbeat tempos. I can’t remember where I ended up crashing at but I remember the frightening place where I awakened. When I opened my eyes I was in a cold dark basement completely void of anything but the bed I was laying on and my pocket knife sitting beside me. Making my way to the wall I felt my way along the perimeter until I found a narrow stairway leading up to a thick wooded door. Unable to unlock the door I returned to the bed and broke off a piece of the wooden post and decided to lie in wait for my captors to return. Hours later I heard the door unlock and so I returned to the entry way ready to pounce. The door swung outward and a young man stood there looking right at me. The girl from the club was at his side. With an animalistic cry I charged at the man shoving my makeshift weapon into his thigh. If it hurt him he did not show it. Clearly irritated, he picked me up and flung me over his shoulder. The girl seemed to be in charge and was giving orders for me to be cleaned up. I was carried upstairs, my clothes removed and then I was put in a tub. I was so frightened that I could not move. I decided not to respond in any way to them. They spoke to each other about me as if I were a doll being refurbished for a new owner. After being dried and dressed in a new set of clothes, the man who called himself Peter, carried me downstairs into a den. I laid limp in his arms just hoping for the opportunity to escape. I memorized the layout of the house and discovered that all the windows had been boarded up. He stood me up and the girl came out of a seperate room holding a drink and demanding I take it. I put the liquid in my mouth and then spit it in her face with the hopes the distraction would give me enough time to get to the door. Before I could get very far Peter was right behind me hitting me hard on the head and I blacked out. When I opened me eyes again Peter was standing in the hallway and the girl from the club was giggling over a fashion magazine with another girl I did not recognize. Though I tried to appear as if I were still unconscious, they seemed to notice immediately when I had come to. Greeting me briefly, they continued to discuss me as if I were an object. My captor, who I later learned was named Tina, told me that I was to be her daughter and would soon be introduced to my new father once ready. I returned to my catatonic state hoping for another chance to flee. These people were clearly crazy and I was clueless to what they would do next. The throbbing pain in my head was a constant reminder that they were not looking out for my best interests. Peter returned me to the basement and told me he would be back at sundown. I waited about an hour before making my way to the door. Taking out my pocket knife I began to chip away at the base of the door. I worked on it for what I assumed could only be hours, stopping periodically to rest and take short naps. Due to my head injury and lack of food I was very weak. Finally after what felt like an eternity I was able to chip enough of the door away that I could kick the last bit out and crawl through the small hole I made. Right before the kick that would have lead to my freedom, as if on cue, I heard Tina giggling about how cute she thought my escape attempt was. Then I heard something being loudly drilled onto the outside of the door and I just knew it was a metal plate. With all hope lost, I gave up and lied on the bed the remainder of the day. When they came for me that evening I was already feeling defeated. My suspicions about the door were confirmed when I was led out of the basement and into the den. Peter allowed me to walk on my own this time after giving me a strong warning to behave or he would have to hit me again. Tina seeming slightly tense was waiting for me in the room with another drink in hand and a smile on her face. I was slowly being poisoned and I no longer felt like I could defend my life. With a slight hesitation I drank the contents of the cup accepting my fate. I could see Tina’s expression lighten up and I found myself growing slightly fond of this girl. I’ve heard of bonds forming between captors and the hostages before and I realized that was happening to me too. Even though she had kept me a prisoner in the basement and was allowing me to be poisoned and beaten, she still showed kindness in the way that she spoke to me. She told me tomorrow I would be brought to my new home to meet my dad. Though the thought frightened me and I wanted nothing more than to escape, I also feared in doing so that I would upset her. She was being so kind to me and I didn’t want to do something that would hurt her. Tina said that the name Ivy no longer suited me and from here on out I would be called Maggie. I protested the name but she told me the decision was final and not up for discussion. So not only my freedom but my identity was being stripped from me as well. It was not long before I was brought back downstairs for my final stay in this house. I was left with the promise that great things were in store for me. I was done resisting as there was no fight left in me. Peter came for me a third time and I walked freely into the den knowing full well to expect another draught of poison. Sure enough, Tina stood there cup in hand barely able to contain her excitement. I took the drink without hesitation, finishing off the questionable fluid. Tina looked pleased with me and it took me by surprise how strangely protective I had grown to feel over this girl. She had Peter carry me to a car and placed me inside. She seemed to know I was too curious to escape. As we pulled out of the driveway I took a look at the place that had been my prison for the last several days. It was all that I had believed it to be. Run down, boarded up and out in the middle of no where. Tina looked out of place in such a slummy area. It was clear she had money and was used to people simply obeying her orders. And I was being taken to her home to live as her daughter. We were about the same age and I wondered if she saw the flaw in her logic. Did she not realize that my family, friends and fans would be on the lookout for me? Not surprisingly, we arrived at a grand house and I was ushered inside to meet my new ‘dad’ Justin. He was a handsome well dressed young man who embraced me in a hug and told me how happy he is to have a daughter. He leads upstairs to my new bedroom but along the way stops at a mirror. I notice immediately that he casts no reflection and I feel my panic starting to take over all of my senses! He finds this amusing and tells me that I am safe and will be protected. We arrive at my room and I am overwhelmed with how incredibly girlie it is. The closets and drawers are filled with clothes that have been tailored just for me. There is a various assortment of make-up and perfumes on the dresser. A mini fridge sits in the corner of the room and I am suddenly reminded of how hungry I am. Tina meets us upstairs and hands me a set of keys. She tells me they are for the car and that I am free to leave as long as I follow some ground rules. I must be back at the house by sundown, tell no one about them or of the supernatural events surrounding them, and be rested enough to stay awake until 2am every night. If I break these rules I WILL BE found and punished. The whole situation seemed so bizarre and I was left staring in disbelief as they left the room. So I am free….sort of? Before I could make a single plan I needed to eat. The refrigerator was filled with food all in it’s original packaging. I stuffed my face and surveyed my new prison. No windows, television or phone, but there was a computer sitting on a desk. Clearly Justin and Tina had no fears about me calling out for help. I logged onto the Internet and checked the local news. It appeared the man I danced with at the club that fateful night was actually a serial killer and was being chased down for the murder of several police officers. Eyewitnesses at the club Illusions recalled him being there the night I went missing and he is the prime suspect in my disappearance. I had to let the police know that I was okay but do it in away that did not draw attention back to these….people. Feeling almost like a free woman I left the house with little intention of returning. The car waiting in the drive was a newer model blue Volkswagen bug. So much for inconspicuous. My first stop was to the liquor store. I deserved a drink! The radio had been turned on to the local rock station I performed at just last week. I was half listening and half lost in thought when I heard the DJ ask some caller if he was the same Dr. Slater that was a serial killer. Caught completely off-guard, I almost slammed on the brakes in the middle of traffic. I quickly regained my composure and pulled over to the side of the road. The station seemed to find this situation quite comical as the man, renamed Dr. Slayer, proclaimed his innocence professing that it was inhuman creatures from the shroud who were committing these murders. He said he was being chased by a man with a sword who could not be killed. The station was clearly mocking him and told him he could come in for an on air interview and that they would give him protection. He continued to proclaim his innocence and then the call was dropped. After that it was just listeners calling in to give commentary on the unexpected interview with the infamous Dr. Slayer. I pulled up to the only open liquor store this early in the day and went in. I grabbed a bottle of tequila and nearly dropped it as I saw the television just above the clerk. There on the screen being replayed over and over was raw footage of Dr. Slayer and his accomplice Mitchell Jones gunning down two men! I immediately recognized Mitchell from high school. We were never friends but we shared a few classes together. What was happening to the world?! So much had occurred in such a short amount of time that I was no longer sure the ground I stood on was solid. I was brought back to reality when the clerk told me I looked familiar to him. I distracted him by pointing to the screen and proclaiming shock over the situation. Grabbing a flask, I paid for my items and then left the establishment. I filled the flask up and put it in my jacket. After taking a few swigs from the tequila bottle I placed it in my trunk and headed to my real home. My door was covered in crime scene tape and since I did not have my house keys the only logical place to go was the police station. They appeared to be quite busy and when I asked to speak to an officer I was told to take a number and join the twenty or so other people who were also waiting. I gave the man at the desk a few choice words and proceeded to storm out of the building. In my clumsy haste I bumped in to an older man, knocking him down. I apologized and helped him up. He instantly recognized me telling me his name was Captain Riley and he led me to an interrogation room. After he examined the room he said it should be safe to talk. I told him I was out of town on vacation and can’t understand why everyone went crazy with assumptions. I expected everything to be restored as it was and my name out of the headlines. He said he would try but that he felt I wasn’t being entirely honest with him. He said that whatever is going on with Dr. Slater and Mitchell somehow involved me. He also told me that the footage being aired on the television had been doctored and is a fake. If he were found dead then I would know his words to be true. I had to get out of there and fast. The world was slipping into craziness and I needed to break free before it consumed me too! I demanded my keys, which he freely gave along with his card, and I wished him luck. I went right back to my apartment and ripped the tape off the door. Inside I noticed a few of my thing had been ruffled through but overall the place was undisturbed. I checked my messages and began the painful task of damage control to those closest to me. Part of me was dying to tell my friends what had REALLY happened to me, but I simply couldn’t! I felt like I would be betraying her if I did. No, I knew I would be. If I were to break free from her, it would not be tonight. What is this power she has over me and why do I care so much about her? I needed another drink. I managed to get a hold of my band mate Terry who said he had my guitar and motorcycle. I drove to his house to get the rest of my things and while we talked on the curb I noticed an orange flicker out of the corner of my eye. Looking that way I saw Mitchell Jones staring at me dressed in an orange jumpsuit, a peculiar look on his face! Having been faced with enough absurdities to last a life time I jumped in my car and sped off. I was barely from Terry’s house when another orange flicker moved past the front of my car! Looking back I saw Dr. Slayer stand up and make a dash for my car! I screamed and hit the gas as he grabbed onto the passenger door knob! He was flung from the car and then ran to a neighbor’s front door. I dialed 911 and told them what was happening! He took off down the neighborhood and I followed him for another minute until I lost him. The police told me they would be in contact for a statement later. Shaken up, I stopped back home for food and a long nap. I returned to Tina’s house only to find no one home. I rummaged through their things hoping to learn something about them but there was nothing of personal value there. After what I believed to be a thorough search of the house I decided to wait the remaining two hours for them in their living room to see from where they might emerge.

Devon The Embraced

Enter The Shroud Journal# 2

The Hunted

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. It was a night that seemed to last for ever. I had the feeling I was being followed. Calling the radio station they made me out to be a nut. On my way to the nearby alley tossing the cellphone into a pickup truck. In a alley way I ran into a bum with a switchblade that turned into sword. Not wanting to deal with a sword fled right into agent Mitchell Jones. He quickly put me in a arm lock trying to take my knife. Two men walked out one with a gun and Agent Jones gets shot grazes his left shoulder. Two black cars pulled up with men dressed up in black demanding I throw the knife and they arrested both us after shooting the two bystanders. They begin questioning both us and my lawyer talking about reality deviants.

Hours later they let us go into a motel room. Agent Jones and I began fighting I knocked Jones into the wall and ran out the room almost falling over the rail. The Lawyer calls the cops. Jones grabs the phone and comes running out trying to hit me and is right next to me over the railing a old lady pulls out a gun and shoots at us. We parted are separate ways I ran down the road I saw Ivy from the night before almost hit me. I attempted to open her door rolling to the side. After that heading to a house trying to get in while Ivy calls the cops. Leaving quickly out of the area through yards losing Ivy I enter a garage and change into a hunting outfit and find the same knife from before.

Hiding out till night time I the try to go to my house to many cops. Then heading to my assistant’s house. Then I was approached by Marcus the guy with the Cigar cutter from before who I thought was named Nathan who wanted me to follow him into a limo. He took me into a warehouse where I was sat in a chair and strapped down they told me it was to get rid of the wraith that had been haunting me and became attached to me. He immediately slits my throat this was the last time I was human and my life was about to change. I awake drinking blood from the arm of Marcus and now my last name is changed to Giovanni and I was told to not kill any more humans. Then off to the museum also know as Elysium to get introduced to the Prince who at the time I figured he was a authority figure. I was told to wait in the lobby I seen Agent Jones in sweats and Ivy dressed up in there. I attempted to talk to them they where very judgemental of me. I also met Merry Starke, Taylor and Kevin. First Agent Jones went to meet the prince then I did.bHis name was Don Juan and basically said he want no problems from me. Agent Jones left about a hour later Ivy came running in the door and everyone was in a stir.

Dr. Devon Slater

Live and let Die

Enter the shroud #3

Live and let Die

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. This time I leave off where my last journal ended. Ivy was apparently attacked by a kindred. A hour later I left with Marcus he gave me a nice car to use and set me up with a hotel. Upon entering the hotel I find a note saying the need to acquire a finger from a corpse. Spending the rest of the night sneaking into graveyards.I dig a whole and gather a finger from a corpse. Unfortunately, I get caught and sprayed in the face with pepper spray. Managing to escape with blood running from my eyes I wreck the nice car at least three times and blow the radiator.Stopping at a convenience store I get cleaned up and enter the hotel for the night is over.

The next night I awaken to another note this time need a hundred year old hair from a corpse. Contacting my Lawyer turns out to be a bad idea. My lawyer sets me up to get killed at Elysium. Surrounded by cops who then shoot me. My eyes open, awaken in the back of a ambulance with Don Juan and Marcus. “Congratulations… you are dead” they say. Marcus sets me up with a peace of shit car to use. Now Heading out to acquire the 100 year old hair.

The Gathering


(Sebastian Resurfaces)

The Gathering

Baton Rouge right near New Orleans in a so called abandon warehouse which has a maze basement that is very large lives Sebastian. Sebastian (Tzimisce) was blood-hunted over two years ago after he failed to enter the Brujah. He did start a gang the gang has grown over time. Evading capture Sebastian fled and changed appearance. Unfortunately he could not move back into the city. He created a childer a year ago who he named Rhino,( Jasper Creed A Hannibal Lecter like human who he had freed from a nearby Florida prison.) who now is a Kindred and has a retractable claws. Rhino, helped Sebastian create a minotaur looking armoured ghoul with four arms and bull horns. Also in the warehouse is three two headed dogs who where among Sebastian’s first creations. Some of the smaller street gangs have merged due to Sebastian and other Sabbat influence and now called" The Sons of Fear" and are still gathering recruits.

Rhino a 6’2" a intelligent psychopath with a bikers appearance is now doing Sebastian’s work otherwise known as Jasper Creed. His child left Baton Rouge went into New Orleans for three months now and is working with a few other Sabbat in the area on infiltrating the Camarilla other Sabbat have entered the city and failed in the past. So there key is now finding traitors and insiders. Sebastian is still taking orders from the unknown Lasombra, A unidentified kindred.

Fading Away (2)
The End of Me

I was driven to a museum and told to wait out in the lobby. My driver, a young British man named Shane, told me he would be back later with burgers and beer. He certainly has been the most normal thing surrounding me as of late. There are more of these undead creatures hanging inside the museum and they are laughing and talking as if it were perfectly normal they should exist as such. I found it frightening and appalling at the same time. Then I saw Merry Stark. She, being a musician like me, seemed the easiest ‘person’ to connect to in this She had been forced to become a monster but has chosen to go on despite her circumstance. I felt sorry for her. It was about this time Shane returned with dinner. I was so relieved to see him. I questioned him on how he could be willingly employed to such creatures but he remained loyal and spoke of goodness from the ones he served. I needed to clear my head so after I finished eating I left Shane at the car and wondered around back to the garden. The night was so beautiful and serene in this little place that time seemed to have forgotten. Life-sized granite statues of men and women adorned the garden as the moonlight casted odd shadows across their faces. It appeared almost as if the statues held expressions of scorn and distrust. Feeling as though I had just interrupted a secret ritual few were to be let in on, I wondered over to a stone bench in the center of the garden and thought about my situation. I did NOT want to become like them and I knew I would do whatever necessary to make sure I survived. Not a moment after thinking that I heard a twig snap a few feet away. I quickly stood, realizing there was a man approaching me from the opposite side of the garden. Noting the odd expression on his face I pulled my pocket knife out and gave a warning not to come closer. Ignoring me he picked up speed. I began backing away just as he charged into me, biting down on my neck. I screamed out for help as loudly as I could muster while plunging the knife into his body. I awoke in the garden all alone and I knew I was now different. I tried not to think about it directly though my brain kept trying to whisper the word ‘vampire’ over and over again. I felt an intense hunger rack through my body as Shane came running around the corner to help me. I found myself trembling all over as I struggled for self control. Helping me inside the museum, I was met with Justin and Don Juan and led into a private office. I recounted the events for them as they confirmed my greatest fear. I was now a living monster just like them! A description was given and a blood hunt declared on my attacker. I was given blood from a hospital bag and told the basics of my situation. In my heart I vowed revenge 10-fold on my attacker. He would suffer for this. Justin and Shane took me back to my new home so that I could recuperate and cope. Tina was too upset to see me. Justin told me all bets were off on the family but I could continue to live here. Now I really was completely all alone.


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