New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

A New Beginning

Time has passed and hands of Fate have once more conspired to bring mystery to New Orleans. Who will stand…

A new begining

Lee a truck driver and traveler had made his way to Detroit after being changed. Years ago, Lee met a crazy Malkavian named Liam. Lee broke some traditions to help Liam survive Detroit. Now Lee finds himself in New Orleans not much to go off but he is supposed to kill Liam and a church guy. The plans change quickly and Lee and Liam leave to find Galadriel (Gala for short). a demon who seems to be the reason for this. The Demon escapes leaving the area. Lee loses his belongs due to a were tiger and his personal items due to a mistake in feeding so now it is time to start over. Lee is on a mission to change his life by rebuilding and looking for his sire Selene and her sire" Rocky" his only kindred family.

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Enter the Shroud #11

A new beginnig part 1

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. Waiting for Werewolves. My current predicament is troubling first I am Kelly my old assistant. I do not know where my son is he is my main reason why I am still in this world. Where I last left off super dome. Are possible end is coming. First they hit the broadcast booth where Bash was. I got hit with a sneak attack but I managed to deal with it. Ivy was the biggest surprise she managed to take out two of the werewolves rather easy. Khalid was eventually helped by her. I called my dagger for help as a werewolf appeared and helped me take out the one I was fighting. We eventually defeated them and headed back to the mansion where we all talked to the early morning.

During the day I first record my voice as Kelly at least thirty minutes worth also on my laptop to help cover my soon to be new Identity. I can not let them know who I am this time. I find a man who I was not able to find any identy on. I cleaned him up at my place and I aided him sent him to a better place. Tonight I am going to ask my new master to teach me obfuscate. Also to help me with a new kindred identity.

The Gathering #4

Sebastian’s uprising and plan to destroy the bridge failed. Rhino speaks,“Faathher… it is time we retreat we lost contact with Jason and there closing in and…” Sebastian nods and signals retreat for any one left from the initial attack the second wave was never sent in the Camarilla forces were too powerful then Sebastian speaks on the com links,“We have lost this time but the Sabbat will eventually take this city…” The semi-truck leaves the area.
sebastian talks on a cell phone to another kindred.,"You failed me. I do not tolerate failure. Bring me six people preferably ghouls unconscious to the corner of west and pine st I will pick them up.

Sebastion dominates the kindred to sleep upon picking up the ghouls. The rest of the night sebastian works on putting explosives in the six ghouls and the kindred. Along with minotaur who knows explosives from his time with construction before he was changed. Minotaur speaks,“Grrr…They can be set off by dialing a number master.” Sebastian turns to Minotaur and speaks," Let them go I dominated them to be at the bridge at five minutes till noon and stay there till 1 except the kindred he has a different number. Contact Jason for me let him know that kindred is at his disposal to take out a high ranking Camarilla. Set them off tomorrow at noon five should be enough to take down the bridge. They are not to know that they have have the c-4 inside them." Sebastion makes his way to his new hideout.

Flashback:Sebastian’s first defeat.

Alaric speaks,“I am Alaric bringer of Darkness, I permit you to be on my premises Child of Georgianna. Welcome to my house, weary traveller. Enter freely and of your own will. Within my walls you will find safety and comfort for so long as you abide with me, the lord and master of this Domain. Come, enter now it begins.”

Sebastian looks beaten and disgraced after all he was the only one of his army to return to this hostile take over.Sebastian kneels to the powerful kindred that had his undefeated army wiped out.

Sebastian speaks," I humble myself in your presence Master Alaric. I heard you where a knight in the 3rd Crusade.(1187 -1192 led by Richard the Lionheart of England, Philip II of France, and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I. Richard who made a truce with Saladin…)I seek knowledge Tzimisce I heard still exist along with the originals."

Alaric stands and speaks,“I was a Knight of Clan Lasombra.You have a lot to learn.You are merely in charge of a few. A true leader leads by example and does not just give orders remember that young one. Careful what you search for young one the answer might get you killed.”

Enter the Shroud #10

Light and the darkness part #5

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. When we last left off we where being hunted by decaying werewolves. We arrive at the second floor of the parking garage waiting for help. cop pulls up and asked us to exit the vehicle. a were wolf approaches coming up behind the cop car to the second floor. I drop down to the first coming in to flank the werewolf. Peter throws grenades at the cop car it explodes sending all of us in different directions. I get knocked into a car on the first floor. upon leaving peter straps c-4 to the car and Mitchel drive at the werewolves direction. a news reporter enters the car then it explodes right after. we finally escape and head back to the mansion after Bash helps us out with a ride.

The next night after three failed attempts to get a new body I am pissed off. I head back to the mansion. We are left there after Don Juan and a few others head to the bridge. We realize we are being hunted so we head to the superdome in hopes of standing are ground. We all enter and prepare for battle after we all get strange various weapons.

The Gathering #3

November 30,2009

Around 12 midnight. Sebastian enters a house with Jasper as they toss a ghoul aside Sebastian speaks," Who in the hell are you? Knell before me when I enter." The kindred knells then speaks," Sorry forgive me not used to this. We lost the Prince are forces where overwhelmed. Your not the one who was in charge there!!" Sebastian raises his hand up and then jesters for Jasper to slap the kindred. Sebastian walks over to the kindred and speaks," Fool you will live for now next time don’t fail me. As your punishment well… I have plans for you." Sebastian takes the kindred and his ghoul and ties them up and takes them into the back of the truck and begins flesh crafting the ghoul with gator parts. This takes up the night.

December 1 2009

Sebastian is on the phone with his sire. “Weakness my Queen…Georgianna I tell you. I need you to please contact me with the others who are in command here in the city .I want to coordinate a attack first there supply lines like that meditech copter then there leaders. If that is okay with you. Jasper and a few other Sabbat will help me summon a army of rats to unleash on taking out communications and power in the the city tommorow night. Then we will set up a perminator fire in the city to send the rats into a frenzy they will eat through just about anything if you remember some of are old torture methods. That might or should at least weed out some of the weaker kindred like they say only the strong will survive. The Tremere Chantry is a target I would like to destroy above all else. Just finished with my experiment this time need to check to see if it works first. Then I will see if Jasper can turn the gator ghoul into a vampire if it fails we will kill it. He will use the kindred that failed me as his servant and set the gatorbeast up in the swamp for the time being.”

Enter the Shroud #9

The Light and Darkness part #4

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. Two large werewolves coming at us. We quickly jumped into the cop car with the hood ripped off I through the keys to Ivy after finding them on the ground. The two were wolves blocked are exit. I proceed to attack the larger of the two doing some damage. Then the mysterious Grant intervened. I find out later Grant is working for the mysterious man who turned me into this a risen. He tells me he can give me another body if I desire.The very next night November 30th 2009 we rescue Don Juan from his ghoul captors very easy. The rest of the night was uneventful.

December 1 2009 at night we plan on how to take out the Sabbat once again. I am confronted by Gwen Winters wanting to know my true intentions.Then we head out to look for Sabbat they put Khalid in charge. Then we stumble upon a human getting attacked. We thought it was Sabbat we were wrong. It turns into a nasty looking almost decaying Werewolf and launches a green fire ball at us. We retreat after are van is destroyed once again we suck with vehicles. One of the buildings collapses and Santiago gets trapped.trying to flee in a vehicle from a nearby parking garage Khalid wrecks the vehicle trapping us inside, upside down. Khalid,Peter, Ivy,and me struggle to get out. Ivy uses the last round of dragons breath in a shot gun to free us.

Chaos Continues
Daylight calm ends at dusk

Though the amount of violence toned down during the daylight hours it appears that the setting sun is bringing a renewal to the ongoing chaos.

Several buildings were still burning as the sun rose today and it seems that the sun’s departure will bring a return of the civil unrest that seems to have come to a head last night. The NOPD still has not released statistics on the number of violent crime that occurred last night but estimate the property damage to be in the millions.

There also seems to be a correlation between the violence and an unusual spike in deadly animal attacks. Local area hospitals reported over a dozen animal attacks and there are still unsubstantiated deaths from animal mauling being called in by eyewitnesses.

A pack of large dogs was seen roaming the suburb of Harvey. The animals are possibly toxic and are reported to have a rotten odor emanating from them. If you see them you are advised to stay away and contact emergency services.

The Gathering #2

(Sebastian Resurfaces)

The Gathering #2

Sebastian gets a call from Rhino( a 6’2 a British, intelligent psychopath with a bikers appearance otherwise known as Jasper Creed). Jasper there are at least 8 bases setting up. The time has come where the evil Camarilla learn their place all Sabbat in the area are to report in. Cause we are taken back New Orleans!!

Sebastian loads up his mobile command unit semi truck and heads back into town along with his ghouls including Minotaur(an armoured war ghoul built with five humans that has four arms and bull horns). I want the prince’s head he is known as Don Juan. Take out there command structure and there just sitting ducks. Kill them all no holding back except the prince. I want him barely able to move".


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