New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

A New Begining
I stand again in the sun.

I’m back. I’m home.

The sun shines. A fact I can attest to because I walk bathed in it’s rays every day.

It’s 1986. Once again, I drive my much loved Trans Am. She’s brand new, right from the showroom floor. The twin towers still stand. Punk bands still rock CBGB. Ronald Reagan is president. “Top Gun” tops the box office and MTV still plays music videos.

What music it is too.

I continue to avoid the night club where my darkest memory was born. In fact it took me three whole months to scare up the courage to visit any of the old haunts. Places where they used to congregate. Knowing their ways and what to look for, I ventured to these places at night with much apprehension. What if Grant lied? What if he didn’t know? What if they were there, lurking in the shadows… hunting fresh prey. The thought terrified me but I had to know. So, I went to several of these places. Each time the fear welled up inside me as I approached, almost driving me away.

But guess what.

They weren’t there. There are no real vampires stalking the streets or night spots of New York City. There’s no indication that they exist at all. I remember that that was the very point of the “masquerade” but I of all people, know their ways.

I knew their ways. In another time, another… darker version of this world. That version no longer exists and neither do they.

I am truly free to relive my life right. I’m truly free to live!


suck suck suck suck

Three Kindred, Two No More

Caden has returned, Liam took the deal. Two mortals now travel with me. Useless. Sustenance, though tempting, I dare not touch. Their auras are laden with gold. We have entered into a shadow of Enoch. An Order of Hermes Tremere Mage has enlisted our help to break free of our prison which was created from dead man’s memories. I await to greet Cain. Unlike my companions who wish to redeem him, and one who wishes to devour him, I plan to devote myself to serve him, should he still be worthy. ~Ethan

I face them gladly.

Who would have ever thought that I’d be happy to see that goofy “Cowboy”, Caden again?

As a messenger for Anthelios, he’s a bit ham-handed in his approach. Okay, he’s very ham-handed but I shook hands with the goofy rodeo clown anyway. This time, he took the right deal.

It’s another chance! Apparently, it’s not going to be as easy as it could have been if I’d taken Anthelios’ offer the first time it was offered to me but strangely, I’m good with that. I’m elated to be free of my vampirisim and having accepted salvation through Christ, I’m at peace with my worldly fate, whatever that ends up being. It’s as though a great weight has been lifted from me! This new chapter of my existence is not without challenges, however.

It seems I’m human now but still stuck on this plane of existence with the same goal, to convince others to take the deal. Toward that end, I intend to take the offer to Cain himself. There are complications of course. My read of Ethan was dead on (heh heh, “dead”). He wishes to remain a vampire and he and “Eric” now possess the gem that had been allowing me to track Cain. They don’t seem to care that Caden and I are tagging along but they’ve both made their agendas clear. They intend to do whatever it takes to get Cain’s heart’s blood. It’s doubtful that they will succeed but still… the thought that they might find a way is troubling. If they did and were able to escape to the deep umbra with their vampiric powers intact, they could return to the reborn Earth as progenitors of a new vampire race, carrying Cain’s curse on to those who might be free of it.

I’m human now and don’t have the means to stop them by force but however I can, I must thwart their intentions.

I’m not so selfish anymore as to only be concerned for myself. I hope that Caden and I are up to this challenge for the sake of those to be born or reborn in the new age to come.

Two By Two They Go To You

Anthelios has come, making dreams tangible things… to trade the beast for a chance at peace…take his hand and leave the land…. for death will surely pass thee by…..

Judgement is here

Cowboy , Liam and Ethan makes there way back. At Eric’s location where they are sent to meet tremere the antediluvian. The only way we can survive is to get all the antediluvian to repent. Cowboy does not believe it to be possible.

They are sent to find set and ask him to repent but Liam tries to start a fight. They are pulled back then they say we will have to go to Cain to try and stop all of this. While waiting to find the Location of Cain. Antheilos meets up with Cowboy and offers him rebirth in the new world to come after the deviation and he accepts.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It
And I feel like I've had my eyes gouged out.

These are the final nights of this world and of the existence of Liam David Flannery.

That would be me.

So, for whomever or whatever may read this after it’s over (probably no one), allow me to set the stage.

Of our original five that battled the Antediluvian Tzimisce in New Orleans and survived, only Ethan, “Eric” and myself remain. We now find ourselves somewhere in Europe. Granite the gargoyle and Caden or “Cowboy” or whatever he liked to be called, are gone. They have accepted the offer made by the spirit Antheliose, manifested also as the red star-like object in the sky we vampires call “Wormwood”. He tells them (and later Ethan and I separately) that he is here to destroy Gaia’s physical form so that she might be reborn from the “ash and flame” as part of some ongoing cycle of renewal. In other words, he’s here to destroy the Earth and rebuild it.

Anthelios offers those he contacts an escape into the deep umbra from which they may return to receive a sort of do-over or “rebirth” on the reformed Earth. It’s a second chance to live their lives over. Ethan rejected his offer as it meant he would return as a mortal to a world that had no vampires in it to embrace him again. He says he likes what he is and would rather die as a vampire. I, even more foolishly, took too long to decide out of distrust and missed my shot at a second life, a new chance to get it right. Now, like Ethan and anyone else who either never received Anthelios’ offer or rejected it, I am doomed to meet my death along with this world. My soul, instead of being reborn into a new mortal life, will go to judgement. It begs the question though: Do I really deserve a do over? I struggle against the apathy of the beast to answer this question honestly. After all the lives I’ve taken, the horror I’ve wrought, perhaps a single lifetime of death and destruction constitutes enough damage.

Regardless, the question is now moot as I’ve missed my window. The only hope for my immortal soul now is to escape the curse of Cain before the end and my inevitable death and judgement. This I’ve learned from the Antediluvian Tremere who has joined us in facing the end times. From him, I’ve learned that if Cain can be found and convinced to repent and accept salvation, his curse will be lifted and he will be allowed to die a mortal death, his soul cleansed and at peace. When his curse is lifted, we will all cease to be vampires and become human again. At which point we will share in Cain’s fate to meet the end of the world as mortals, the disposition of our souls our own individual concern.

Toward that end, Tremere has made me a sort of walking divining rod to locate Cain. He did this with a ritual that apparently involved gouging out my eyes, replacing them with gems then splashing his blood on my face which healed me but left me blind in my left eye which seems conspicuously absent and covered over by flesh. I am able to see, sort of, from my right which is replaced by a diamond like gem. My vision is somewhat distorted (though not nearly as bad as my face) but I can now, apparently, track Cain.

So, now here we all are, Tremere, Ethan, Eric and myself trotting off like Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, The Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion (but without all the singing), in search of the one vampire none of us should ever want to meet. All in hopes that he hasn’t gone to the beast and can be reasoned with.

The others seem to grasp the gravity of the situation we all face and seem to want this to succeed if possible. Yet I can’t help but wonder why Ethan is tagging along. If we succeed in this long shot, we face our final end as mortals. It’s something he’s strongly against. What is he expecting to happen? What is his plan?

Nuked Orleans; City Demised

Fire spreads throughout the helicopter’s cockpit and just before I black out, a white cloud bursts from the ground a few miles away, signaling that the nuclear bomb made contact. I awaken in the streets, the city is eerily quiet. There is a cry off in the distance, in the direction of ground zero. I begin to make my way there but find Peter standing awkwardly in a door way watching me. I call him out and he begins to talk about a pact with the devil he has made. ‘The man in Red, you’ll know him’. No more description could be made, which is enough to raise a red flag within me. Peter leaves to inform others, and I resume my journey to the center of destruction. Along the way I come across Liam, bald and burned, headed in the opposite direction of me. I convince him to turn around just as Granite lands before us. We go to my safe house to clean up and check for Justin. He is not there. We reside to rest as day is breaking. As I close my eyes for slumber I hear Granite telling someone he would go with them. I run out to Granite only to find him alone in the room but talking to someone. I ask him who he is speaking to but he simply waves and disappears. Unable to resist the curse any longer, I collapse and fall prey to the sleep of the dead. ~Ethan

devestation all over

We are in route to the target area they gave me a pistol and I traded it for submachine gun to Ethan. The flesh creatures spitting liquid that turns to fire begin attacking the helicopter. My gun jams and the next time it backfires next I find myself hanging off Ethan’s leg connected to a tether. Ethan goes to help me out and falls off also we are both hanging off a tether were we eventually make it back up Ethan swings a sword at a creature when it spews fire into the cockpit of the helicopter. Cowboy then blacks out and what seems like moments later he awakes in the ground then eventually finds the city destroyed and Ethan and Liam are still here.

A Greater Sin
What have we done?

My God! What have we done?

As it turns out, the “nuke” we dropped that was mainly supposed to effect supernatural creatures and therefore, only would have destroyed a scant few, was in fact, an actual nuke as well. It wiped thousands of humans from the face of the Earth and left a large portion of the city in ashes!

Even worse, since more died than was intended, we inflicted the very crisis that we had tried to stop the Technocracy from causing. The human souls loosed by the bomb fed the growing darkness in the spirit realm. Now Oblivion is seeping into our world from tears in reality and surging forth to claim the living!

Could it be a part of the curse of Cain’s blood? Could it be that anything we vampires touch, no matter our good intentions, becomes tainted and twisted by evil… consumed by the darkness inside us? Was I wrong to think our desperate bid to stop what’s coming had a chance of succeeding? Was I naive to think that we could be heroes?

What redemption can there be for us now? Is there such a thing? Apparently, someone claims so. Some even believe it. Ethan seems understandably skeptical. I share his doubt.

As night prepares to give way to dawn, I feel sleep about to take me. I fear it will be filled with fitful dreams as I find myself filled with dread. My instincts tell me there is something false in these supposed offers of redemption.

Something… something I learned in childhood… something my parents tried to impress on me, is trying to break through the haze to my conscious thoughts even as they wain. What did they say?

And did I just hear Granite tell someone he would go with them? My eyes close. The sleep of the dead overtakes me.


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