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brightlights big city part 5(Lee's final post)
Death to Lee
The night started calm as we approached the art gallery preparing for a ambush. Lee jumped out of the ground. And went inside they set up a trap for Alan to be taken out. After changing into a bat and hiding in the corner he waited as Ethan and Liam waited for the opportunity to attack. Alan entered with two others. Ethan attacked first. Lee flew over then changed into a person and combat bit on Alan doing a lot of damage. Then Liam attacked and put Alan in to torpor as he fell to the ground. Lee jumped on a ghoul biting then feeding from him. Ethan began feeding from Alan. Lee then went in for some kindred blood himself. He proceeded to go into frenzy and so does Ethan attacks first almost killing Lee makes an attack not enough to drop Ethan. Ethan then kills Lee taking his kindred soul . Should have not gone for the kindred.

The End.

This Is A Mad City. I Think I Like It.
Another Two Bite The Dust

So to appease that assclown Paseck and get him off my back, I the gracious Liam Flannery, aided the strange and somewhat twisted Ethan in his task to eliminate Alan (a practicing Follower Of Set) from the “Red List”.

Ethan is so deranged that I’d probably like him if he wasn’t constantly testing my patients with his unjustifiably demanding attitude. That and I’m convinced that had he not diablerized Alan and Lee after our successful ambush of the former, he was likely planning to diablerize me. He may still attempt it for fun or to insure my silence on the matter. If I don’t think of a way he can be useful to me soon, it may be wise to cut my losses and eliminate him. Diablerizing Alan made Ethan strong but as Alan’s demise has proven, no one’s indestructible.

Lee might have still proven useful to me but alas, I’ll have to make due with the kindred here at my disposal. At least I no longer owe him boons.

There is a political power vacuum in New Orleans with Don Juan in Torpor and already the power plays have begun with locals seeking to manipulate me for support. It’s tempting to want to claim the city myself but the responsibilities of running the city would likely interfere in my search for these told of sources of power in the city. I strongly sense from the mad ramblings of this Noddist, Lenny, that the power is worth far more than being prince of a city. I must control it. Besides, these locals don’t know me well enough to put any support behind my claim and I would likely face many annoying challengers who would also side track me. My true rivals are the powerful entities that seek to tame the supernatural power in this city before I can.

In the meantime, to add to my concerns, I must extricate myself from Detroit, eliminate Raven and place someone in his stead that I can control, all while avoiding losing face (and therefor status) within the Camarilla. No pressure.

Bright lights big city part 4

The area was calm the motel room was crowded we all have are moments apparently Ethan took out a Templar and Liam was injured and needed healed. Two characters named Clark and Lenny seemed to know strange things like how to heal someone. After Liam healed we went looking for more kindred first. So back to the areas we went. Lee set off a bomb by accident. We went to get Eva. Zack already took care of business though the cameras were still up so some one knows are secret they where dressed in FBI outfits. Lee tried to find the signals but the computers were to advanced for him

Then latter on that night we meet back up and decided to go after Alan. Lee is suspicious of the Ethan guy. He knows too much to be a normal kindred. Right now Liam seems to be angry at this Paceak justicar. Lee needs to learn more on the computers.

ONE OF US.... Another Entry In The Journal Of Mitchell Jones AKA "Khalid"
Drinking the Coolaid...

I started this journal because it’s my hope that if something (more) unfortunate were to befall me, someone might find this and learn the truth. They might learn about all the crazy shit that happens when the sun goes down.

My entries are pretty intermittent. I guess it’s because the story never changes.

Alan keeps trying to teach me things and being frustrated by how long it takes me to pic them up. He still doesn’t seem aware that it’s likely because I’m only pretending to come around to his indoctrination.

Anyway, the city has erupted in chaos again and Alan is holding another one of his cult gatherings. His human followers are hanging on his every syllable as usual. The poor saps.

Don Juan isn’t answering his phone. It keeps going straight to voicemail which has me concerned. Tonight’s mayhem might have left me with one less ally in the city who knows who I really am. One less person who can help me get my own face back. One less person who can help me recover my heart.

One less person who can help me get free from Alan.

The Unmitigated Gall Of The Unworthy
There will be a reckoning!

Liam’s time in New Orleans has been both enlightening and infuriating. He has learned that there are great wells of untapped power in the city which are either guarded by the incompetent or coveted by the indigent and unworthy.

Having survived an attempt on his life from a demon-worshiping kindred calling herself a seraphim as well as a Sabbat raid on the city, Liam now knows that he must find this power and protect it. It must be kept from the undeserving for the balance to be preserved.

But of course, as Liam answers this high calling, insolent enemies both new and old, emerge to hinder him and seize the advantage.

Liam is reminded that he is alone in his greatness as he is set upon by the jealous and the spiteful. A powerful enemy, the Justicar Paseck, has thrown his support behind an incompetent who covets Liam’s control over Detroit. A Tremere who calls himself Raven.

Liam had tolerated this insolent fool’s pathetic games in the past if only because he knew that the only kindred taking him seriously were a few whiny and useless retches. Weak and worthless kindred who wanted to spend their nights gossiping and preening in their finest evening wear at Elysium rather than take any responsibility.

For five years, Liam used Raven to make Detroit appear boring and unappetizing to the Camarilla’s enemies. Meanwhile, it was Liam who ran the most important things. Liam who dealt with potential threats and he who truly knew what went on right under Raven’s beak.

It was a successful ploy but now there is the danger that Raven will be given legitimacy by Paseck’s support. Will the Ventrue clan who once promised Liam their support due to Raven’s obvious inadequacy, remain silent now that their word is being put to the test? It seems likely as it was one of them, a one time ally of sorts, who betrayed Liam to Paseck.

It’s been clear from the time they first met that Paseck fears Liam’s potential. As well he should.

Paseck’s last night will come.

Quenching the Quiet

The fire has subdued and the city is now silent. A Templar is ash at my feet. A piece of my destiny lay frozen in time, waiting for unnatural revival. Must stay on guard and be not distracted as game-masters draw their pawns closer together. ~Ethan

Bright lights big city part 3

After a eventful evening we all decided to a stay at the mansion. Every one seemed to be caught up in something before we went to sleep Lee stresses that this could be some sort of power play in the city. Lee wakes up the next night all is quiet the lights are off everyone is unreachable at the moment. Lee makes his way to his car when he grabs the handle he sets off a series of explosions. His body get thrown far and the site of fire cause Lee to jump in the ground.

After Lee snaps out of it he makes his way over the fence and calls Ethan asking him if they can meet up. They agree to meet up about a hour later at a motel.

Crisis Escalation!
Delays, delays! Always delays!

Dominick Serresh, rushing to provide aid to the Camarilla kindred in the city, is delayed by a blockage on the bridge and is forced to take the long route around the lake.

Hearing on the radio about a S.W.A.T. raid and shootout in the Archon’s neighborhood, Dominick hopes he is not too late but begins to fear the worst as he is unable to contact Don Juan.

Breaking News!
Terrorist lead assault on the city continues!

The bombing attacks from yesterday have continued into tonight. SWAT, in conjunction with several other tactical units, is currently involved in a shoutout in a local upscale community. The scene could only be described as a war zone. It is currently unknown how many casualties there are. Keep standing by for further…

Fire That Cleanses The Night

I have traveled far seeking those I must and have found myself back in the old city of New Orleans. Not too much has changed since last I passed through, though the darkness seems to operate in the brightness of night rather than in its protective shadows. I arrived just as chaos broke loose and now my mission has changed temporarily. The Prince, among several others, might be no more. Beasts have come forth, hidden behind human sorcerers and spirits stand guard. The night has gone aglow and will reveal the phantom that dwells within. ~Ethan


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