New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

Warren files #6
No place like home.

The world is full of surprises. Getting to a possible dilemma over blood with in a few days if we don’t find the tour guide Jamie. Time After time the seconds tick as we wait in this shroud of darkness. Eager to learn I was really in no hurry to get out. We questioned a few people after talking to the guards.

Come to find out we had Jamie in the knife the whole time are guide had been there. With little time left we returned with Jamie to the starting point. The older kindred named Eric had been waiting for us. Apparently soon after we find out four days have past. Liam finds out about a gathering of kindred coming to the city and some are eager others are against it including Liam.
New And Unfinished Business
Complexity, Thy Name Is New Orleans
“Prince Liam”. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? I certainly thought so back when I claimed Detroit as mine. Ruling it came with challenges, some of which were unexpected but I rolled with the changes and adjusted my approach. Now, Detroit is far from the jewel I planned for it to become but I came to realize that for it to become such, required a long term plan. I set the ball rolling and now it pretty much takes care of itself. Even Raven can’t screw it up.

Now I’m prince of New Orleans and going in, I knew that this city was a whole different animal but man is it complicated! It’s certainly complicated my unlife in ways I could never have predicted!

It’s led me on a journey that has effected me in ways that even I’m still discovering. There’s this trip to the “Shadow Lands” for instance. We didn’t quite finish what we set out to do there and it tasks me. However, that must be put on hold. Now, I have bigger problems.

The Inner Circle, in their infinite “wisdom” (makes crude hand motion), decided to take the advice of two of their Justicars and try out an experimental gathering of vampires in my city. The open invitations have gone out across the globe… even to the Sabbat!

And people say I’m nuts!

As the prince of the city, I’m supposed to play host, not only to a bunch of Justicars, their Archons, even members of the Inner Circle itself, but to irrational, undisciplined and chaotic enemies of the Camarilla!

It’s a good thing all these big wigs are going to be here really. They need a reality check and I’m just bold enough to give it to them.

Deeper Than Skin, Softer Than Lies

I closed my eyes as the knife plunged into my chest and opened them to the dead. Twisted and warped the world lay before me, a broken mirror of reality. Into the tempest my soul fled, rescued by the light of the ferryman. Demons defeated I return to the skin lands in search of our long lost guide. ~Ethan

Warren files #5

A Wraith is summoned who is responsible for some murders is present and then threatens Liam. After he leaves We decided to go hunt him down in the shadowlands. Excited and a little disappointed I don’t get to read my new book. I’m ready to go . After a ritual we travel to the land of wraiths. We have a tourguide who is somewhat helpful.

we track down this Joe character in the mirror city of New Orleans. I slip up and get sent to a sea of death soon after Liam and Ethan show up. Our tourguide goes missing. We get picked up by the Ferryman who takes us to the edge where Liam fights Joe and Ethan interfereres as Joe leaves. We make it back to the mirror city after I give up a few possessions for trade. No sign of the tourguide and we are all getting low on blood I gather and we are going to have to fight till the last kindred if this keeps up. So this might be my last post only a matter of time is left. Time is on my side.

The Flip Side Is Flipping Insane!!!
I Knew This Would Be Challanging But How Could I Know It Would Be "Life" Altering?

The spirit world is a strange and not entirely pleasant place to say the least. However, it seems to have a hold over me in more ways than one. I don’t think there is anyway I could have anticipated how profoundly this place would effect me but I begin to see things a bit differently.

Not all things however. On some points, I remain resolute.

The wraith we came here after is resilient. Our first encounter went our way after a slight detour brought on by our wandering Tremere. I suspect, however, that “John” will be back, per his own claim when last we saw him.

We seem to have misplaced our guide which could pose a serious problem if we don’t find him soon.

Three vampires, running out of blood in a place where there is no one else to feed on but each other, presents quite the dilemma.

Beneath the Shroud

Preparing my soul (do I even still possess one?) as I traverse this world on through to the next. I am about to participate in something that I believe is unheard of to most kindred. I will use this to opportunity to further my study of the occult and see how I may most benefit from it. Looking forward to trying out this spirit possessed sword and see its true affects on the dead. ~Ethan

On Going Tales Of Tards And Woe... And Also Ghosts :P
Catch You On The Flip Side!

It’s another night in New Orleans and I’m beginning to see that this town truly needs an enema. “Oh Liam, you seem to be up to your neck in tards again.”, I say to myself.

Ethan is skating on thin ice with me as it is and now he seems to feel it’s appropriate to keep the prince of the city waiting when there is work to be done. Why is he even here anyway? The kindred he came to kill is dead. He either needs to continue to be useful, or leave already. I don’t have time for infantile obstinance from schmucks who are just visiting. Especially ones sent here by Justicars.

Speaking of annoyances sent by Justicars, Paseck must be through with Janis as he has apparently sent her here to stir up rumors in my city. Rumors about me that could undermined my work here. I don’t have the time or the patience for this nonsense. Archon or no, if she and I cross paths, it’s time to put her out of my misery. That blood should have been reclaimed years ago.

This Tremere, Holden, is going to get himself into trouble with me if he keeps on the path of stupidity that he’s on as well.

I haven’t been Prince a week yet and already these ungrateful pricks are plotting against me. It’s time to make some examples. I think I’ll start with this wraith that’s been murdering people in my city.

This trip to the other side is going to be fun!

Warren files #4

Looking for leads in a previous nights murder I stumble across a man dressed in ancient guard who ask Warren by name to demonstrate what he can do.Warren gets offered a spell book in exchange for keeping the other kindred out of the mans affairs. My night after finally learning a new language . Tracking another death we stumbled across more information. Not sure what is going on with the others at this point. We all meet up and get told we get to travel to the Umbra.

Beastly Musings

Another battle, another kindred dead… my hands. Seems I am at ends with myself as of late. Can’t even drown out the cries with mortal distractions. Murders, abominations and periodical bouts of possession have kept me quite busy in this black-hole of a city. The leadership is feeble at best. I will play the game for a bit longer but if things remain unchanged I will be forced to alter it. ~Ethan

Warren files #3

We started the night with the ending of Jared. Caught in a warehouse flashbangs disoriented us. He was killed by Ethan. Later that night we meet up again. A call came in for a murder about the same time I saw a girl who was impaled with a weapon. There was a murder and the man wrote in blood John lives. We investigate the scene the man was possessed. Then we met back up with Liam. Not sure what will happen next.


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