New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

In An Insane World...
I'm The Sanest Choice.

The world has gone mad. Now, only madness can save it. I have often wondered at the strange course my “life” has taken. Why had so many strange things befallen me? I’ve always sensed that I was meant for great things but now it seems I’m to save the world from being consumed by all consuming darkness. With strange allies who’s usefulness has not yet become clear and a powerful one who can not entirely be trusted due to the secrets he keeps. Yes, it is a strange turn of events indeed.

The end of he road

The night just kept getting worse. Being severely injured Cowboy opted to stay back to be safe. more problems came up as his choice was soon limited he made his way back inside this time with the Lich, Liam and Ethan. Inside we are attCKED BY bLOOD MONSTERS AGAIN. cowboy Caden loses his group and runs outside to getaway when he is surrounded and taken with news cameras watching. he cant fight cause he is injured one hit would be the end of him. Shortly after Caden escapes in bat form.

Blood Reigns

The night has been endless as kindred collapse into pools of acidic blood and the sky drips a similar crimson liquid. Transparent creatures arrive, thrashing through anyone who dare get in their way, swiftly ending undead lives. As blood is spent to strengthen us, the creatures strengthen and solidify as well. Finally the human wizard a arrives and opens a pocket of refuge for us, allowing safe travel within the building. After discovering the weakness in the shroud, we are able to exit the magical dome that had kept us prisoner in what had become a tomb. We began to plan a way to disrupt the spell surrounding the building and its few remaining inhabitants, but the lich beat us to it. With use of my sword he shattered the spell. Deciding it was in his best interest to help us, he told us that Eric was behind these vile acts and that the human wizard was his pupil. It is up to us to determine our next course of action. No matter the choice, more blood will be spilt. ~Ethan

Cowboy and the bloodmonsters

The night went to hell about a hour in. First thing was Caden experienced blood loss. He called up Liam and Liam showed up cause kindred were turning to goo. When Caden met another prince who was angry at Liam she then fell to a pile of goo in front of us. Then the blood monsters showed I tried to stop them by myself but became injured. Ethan joined Liam and I. We managed to stop one blood monster then escape with the help of a wizard guy. There was a large dome covering Elysium. That is when a lich showed up he broke the dome.

It Never Rains But It Bleeds
And sometimes, Kindred melt.

So, on the heals of Ethan and I taking out that werevamp… wolf…. thing, we tracked down Justin, only to discover that he’d run afoul of our old “friend” the ghostly serial killer that we went all the way to the afterlife to get rid of. Apparently, we were less than thorough.

Not only is the dead bastard back but he’s brought some sort of ghostly monsters with him to the living world to wage war on vampires. Conveniently, we gathered thousands all in one place.

It began with a small invasion and then he found, either deliberately or by chance, an ally in the ancient scumbag that Ethan trusted to aid us.

You might say that this “Eric” made it rain. Not water. Not money. Blood. It rained blood from the sky. Not before some wide spread supernatural attack, melted many unsuspecting kindred though. After that is when the blood rain fell and people, human and undead, began to die.

When our enemy can do all that and reshape stone and may very well have been a mentor to one of my most powerful and valuable allies, how do I stop him.

Find a way to succeed and I will be heralded as a hero. If somehow I fail, the Inner Circle will likely turn against me. That will be the very least of anyone’s concerns however if this wack job’s antics draw out the Antediluvians and bring them down on us before we have a way to destroy them.

There is power in this city. Everyone else wants it, so of course, they claim that a filthy vampire like me can’t tap it. I refuse to accept that. I think it’s a cop out to keep me from what should rightfully be mine. I must claim this power for myself and bring it to bare against these enemies that are multiplying by the second. I must bring this mad city to heal before it becomes ground zero for Armageddon.

I have no interest in witnessing the end of the world. Not unless I start it.

Wherefore art thou Justin?

Early in the night Justin mentally summoned me to alert he was in danger. A wight has been permanently put down in my quest to find Justin, but we are no closer to finding him than when we first started. Peter has awakened. I plan on enlisting his help once he is stable. There is another who has just awakened this evening. Apparently the surprises will never end, and so the bloodbath continues into the night. ~Ethan

Life is a highway part 4

The grand Elysium it is a huge gathering of kindred. Not sure how many of these happen so far my time here has been a ride. Found out the unfortunate news about my sire first… I will find the one or those responsible for her death . This time here heard some strange noises and was attacked by a wight who held me down ready to kill me .

I escaped and soon found some help It was a lady who was more concerned about the carpet who contacted Liam. Starting to believe that Liam is not incompetent like some of the other kindred said so far he has been very helpful to me. One of his partners named Ethan is a little unstable but so far helpful. So now looking forward to finding out what will happen next.

The Night Is Young
The Party Never Stops

What more will happen tonight? I can’t help but wonder.

I have yet to be called upon to answer for the chaos that went down the other night. I was informed on no uncertain terms, that there would be a hearing of sorts so I know it’s still coming. I have no illusions that it will be challenging to explain to these bureaucrats that there is nothing to be concerned about or certainly no more to be concerned about than the concerns already raised by having so many kindred in one place. None the less, I’m sure I’ll handle it. I just want to get it over with, that’s all.

Also, it seems someone has awakened at Adrick’s old place. That could be either good news or an ingredient for conflict, depending on who it is.

The party never stops in my new city.

A "Leach" In Wolves Clothing
An Old Pest Squashed

They say “Be proud of your enemy and enjoy his success.” I’m sure that should probably apply to an enemy with a mind. This white that we chased and fought, was mindless. All animal instinct, no consciousness. She wanted two things. Something to eat and a clean getaway and in that order.

It was an abomination. A werewolf turned by one of us. If anyone knew who made it, they’d be made to greet the sun after the thing was dead. If the wolves had caught up with it first, the consequences would have been just as vicious. Probably more so. The werewolves hate vampires. Always have as far as I can tell. They call us leaches and it’s hard to argue.

As it is, it was us, a bunch of “leaches” that cornered and killed the beast. Ethan, this new guy, “Caden” or something, and myself, Liam Flannery, the new prince of the city who everyone wants to see fail.

Ethan and I have more than a few issues with one another. He likes to act like he doesn’t give it much thought. Tries to get inside my head, throw my concentration. However, I know the strategy. I’ve seen it plenty. Used it myself. Anyway, to his credit, he kept that nonsense on the back burner while we dealt with the white.

This same creature had apparently cycled back through the city on previous hunts but the kindred here had no success in putting it down. Even the much hyped former prince Gwen Winters was unable to work up a successful strategy for stopping it. But this night was different. It came to hunt indoors in close quarters where it couldn’t use it’s full speed to escape. By all rights, once we had cornered the thing, it should have torn through us to escape but it hesitated and in that moment we struck. I had gambled earlier in the chase with an intimidation game. It tried to intimidate me and I stood my ground, met it’s gaze. An opponent with that much power and a mind would have confidently shredded through me like tissue paper but it was easily fooled by my own confidence into a panicked and confused state. So it ran a mad circuit through tight corridors with even tighter corners, sharp turns that forced it to slow down. It stayed out of reach but couldn’t stay out of sight. I figured out that she was heading back to her escape route so as Ethan continued pursuit, I broke off and went back there to wait for her. She arrived and when cornered she succumbed to her primal fears. At that moment we had her.

A sad end to what should have been a worthy opponent. When things are calmer here in New Orleans, I shall command that a search be conducted for whoever turned this poor mongrel and when found, they will be properly punished.

Life is a highway 3

My name is Caden and this is my account of New Orleans. Still the first night of the grand masquerade.After meeting Liam ran across a kindred by the name Ethan not sure what his thing is but he seems to know the important people. He confronted me for watching him then something came up and he had to go. Liam was talking to a guy from Canada who was a Sabatt .

He told us we can meet with someone that can help us find my sire rose. After a crazy entrance into a room that seemed to be from somewhere else a rotting guy takes some of my blood and tells me my sire was murdered. Keeping my calm we left after I asked Liam to help me find her killer. Then we went back into the grand masquerade were I called Lucky to let him know the bad news.

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