New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

Darkness Reeks From Freshly Potted Graves

Zombies horde the streets, brought to mobility by the childe of Lazarus. Kindred have been falsely led to imprisonment by humans who guaranteed their protection. The price for that deception will be steep. The gargoyle is about to lay it all on the line by dropping a nuke bomb that only targets those of darkness. A new world order is about to begin. These next few moments will determine which side gets defeated, and which side enjoys the spoils. ~Ethan

so can I live through this.

The world is coming to a end the antediluvian kindred are now showing up. Ethan and Liam are along for the ride. We went to the moon to get a nuke. Now we are headed back to ground zero right were tsimise or at least we think is. Cowboy is glad his hand is back but at what price.

Cowboy thought he was going to be more powerful but he hasn’t learned or found out anything different yet. We are now in route to battle to flying flesh creatures that come the tsmise kindred. The helicopter is moving in as a distraction hopefully the gargoyle can do this right, drop the warhead onto tsmise.

But who's death?

Supposedly, I’m no longer insane.


Yet, here I am with Ethan and Cowboy Bob (or whatever his name is) aboard an Army helicopter flying high over the city of New Orleans. The helicopter is being piloted by human soldiers who probably can’t believe they’re about to fly into combat with three vampires. Our goal: Distract an Antediluvian so our ally, a gargoyle named Granite, can drop a “nuke” that primarily effects the supernatural, on said Antediluvian who is currently creeping it’s way toward the heart of the city.

Oh! Did I mention that the Antediluvian is throwing off weird, flying, fireball spitting, twisted-flesh monsters that we will soon have to fight off if we want to be an effective distraction to this monstrously powerful fiend?

Yeah, no. I’m not crazy at all.

Clearly, I’m nuts.

the end of the world is starting.

Cowboy was changed into a Bali he frenzied actually twice. Was knocked out by Ethan. Something happened and he is now 13 generation. Liam was changed also. Cowboys memory was tampered with so he can’t remember most of that. The pain of not knowing what happened the night is a night he can’t remember. Cowboy is now not aware of what happened.Its the end of the world hope I am
on the right side.

The Universal Constant

It’s been said that the only universal constant is change. That sounds pretty believable to me.

In the past hour, so much has changed. So much that it’s easy to believe that we sit on the very brink of Gehenna.

A very personal change has taken hold of me.

Seeking power for the coming battle with one of three Antediluvians that have awakened, I accepted an offer meant to lower my generation. It worked. I can feel the potential for power that fills me. What now troubles me is, at what cost to my soul, does this gift come? My blood has changed and with it fades a madness that I never identified in myself before. It was that insane drive that lead me to accept this change in the first place but now that my mind is truly clear, I’m horrified by what I’ve become and the fight ahead.

Before, I was so unjustifiably smug and confident that it was my destiny to somehow prevail against the nearly impossible task that lies ahead. Now I’d give almost anything to feel that mad conceit again.

It was strangely comforting even if it was incredibly deluded.

Still, if this is the end for me, it’s been one hell of a ride.

What is the Price of Your Soul?
Kayn offered power to the four of us on the promise we would side with him, making his enemies our own. Not much for character, Cayden accepted and was re-embraced. He frenzied and attacked Liam, drawing up as much blood as he could in those brief seconds. I subdued Cayden, and Liam and I began an all out assault on Kayn. Grant sacrificed his life to buy us time, taking several thick garou claws through the chest. The distraction was enough to bind the entity known as Kayn within the dangerous confines of Eric’s head. For the first time in my existence (and the second time that evening), I was able to witness a vampire get re-embraced and watch as their bloodline grew stronger. Unfortunately for Liam, this makes his curse now intolerable to human blood, and has brought him into clan Baali. The offer has been extended to me as well, and though I hunger for power, it must be of my own design. I do not willingly place myself beneath the thumb of a Methuselah. I will triumph by my own hand, and stand equal with the beasts of this age. ~Ethan
born again once again.

With a stump for a hand and a prayer for living we went in a hotel and confronted a old vampire. For some reason they new who he was I for one had no idea. I was on deaths doors step he offered me more power. After realizing I was going to die first I figured to take his offer and I did then I frenzied.Only time will tell if I live as it all goes blank.

The End of the Rainbow

We stand before an ancient entity who boldly goes by the name Kayn (Cain). I do not know if we should fear him, or the the antediluvian who feeds just beyond our room, more. The beast within me lusts for the power seething from the creature who mocks and tempts me, I hunger for his blood. Eric might still be within its shell, therefore causing me to hesitate on my next move. Time is melting away, existence soon to be a memory. These final seconds place all on the line. Will I finally succumb to the darkness within me, or go out a hero for mankind? ~Ethan


Using All The Muscles Accept The One That Counts
If I don't mind, nothing will matter.

This Methusilla must be overcome if our desperate plan to save the world is to succeed and like a fool, I let him goad me into an ill advised physical confrontation.

What I should be doing is assaulting his mind. My own mind is a great weapon that I’ve been holding back for the right occasion. What time is more appropriate than now to use it’s full potential?

If he is exerting effort to suppress “Eric’s” consciousness, he will find it more difficult to fend off a mental attack. Though he is mad, he still does not, can not, know madness as I do.

Once I have his mind occupied, then perhaps Ethan can strike at him physically. It’s unlikely that Ethan will be able to harm him but together, attacking this clown on two fronts, we can make him vulnerable to Grant’s efforts. Then we can finally take control of this struggle! Then we’ll have a fighting chance!

That chance is all that’s needed.

The World Awaits

It has become clear that the world is now fully aware of our existence. Are we viewed as the seductive creatures novels depict us as, or as the monsters Hollywood has turned us into? If all judgements are being made from New Orleans’ recent events, then we are monsters. I can deal with that for now but if I am a monster, then I am about to fight the devil himself. An ancient one has arisen and taken a claim on all kindred blood available. The odds of destroying this freak show is stacked against the few remaining kindred in the city. I do not wish to die, but have prepared to meet my end should my luck and skill fail me on this night. The end of days are upon us, Gehenna has begun. ~Ethan


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