New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

A dark portent…

The Red Star shines it’s baleful glow on the earth. Beneath, dark things stir from slumber…

Musings Of A Troubled Prince
Liam Ponders Recent Events

Well, I can scratch one more problem kindred of the list. This Jared schmuck was clever but not clever enough. Ethan managed to end him while the rest of us made short work of the humans he brought with him. Good thing too. It looks as though he had intended to roast us with a flame thrower. Ouch.

I’m getting more and more concerned about Ethan’s self control issues though. He’s very close to the beast. He could loose it completely any given night. I’d have done away with him already but I need all hands on deck to get this city calmed the @#$% down. Besides, he serves the Inner Circle and I don’t need some Justicar or one of their Archons here while I’m establishing myself as this city’s new Prince. I hope he leaves soon. If he goes to the beast here, I’ll have no choice but to put him down. I really don’t want the headache.

Also, there’s the matter of the boon Ethan owes me. I’ll need to think of something for him to do for me soon.

Grant seems to be coming through as promised but I still can’t shake the feeling that his agenda may someday prove to be not in my best interest. I guess time will tell.

This city really is the untamed supernatural frontier! I’ve seen things here that I’ve never seen before! Not even in New York!

The spirits are getting restless… literally. Everybody’s having weird dreams and seeing apparitions and some poor weak minded human was possessed and killed a girl before killing “himself”. All manner of crazy is descending on New Orleans and I can’t help but wonder: Am I meant to fix it…

…or am I part of it?

Warren files #2

Been a tuff night started back in the sewer once again this time with Santiago also. First we found another sewer rat with a duckbill think it is one of the missing kindred. Located runes so we did not touch them a undead man showed up seeming ancient by his ways. We decided not to fight and left him be. Later that night Liam proclaimed his new Position as the prince. Kinds slow night but who knows what will happen next time.

Shifting Gears
Time For A New Approach

It seems that the power that I sought here in New Orleans is of a type I cannot use. The curse brought on me by Allison 28 years ago has robbed me of more than my life, the ability to enjoy food and drink and, of course, the sun. It showed me a new world while simultaneously cutting me off from so much of it, ensuring that I can’t even reach, much less touch, that which I’d most like to obtain.

But that doesn’t mean I have to let the… things I’ve met these last few nights, have that power either. In the past, filling this city with kindred made it unappetizing to all but the most brazen or foolish. The rest were kept away, some how, by the presence of the Gangrel. I don’t pretend to understand it. As kindred, they would suffer from the same affliction that keeps me from controlling this power but their mere presence in the city made the difference.

Our numbers must grow and the Gangrel must be made welcome here. But order must be maintained.

This city needs a strong Prince. A more competent Prince. This city needs Liam Flannery.


Beckoning the Night

Sewer rats hide as their own perish. Animated corpse yields great power. I must wait only this night before destiny returns to my side. The golden one says we’re the same. I am concerned for surely I have not become a monster. Yet. ~Ethan

Warren Files #1

The Day is another one on the books being sent to New Orleans to arrive that night. The city is in chaos and the Tremere numbers are down there so they had a emergency personal switch up in a few cities I was chosen by my sire to partake my first solo mission as a kindred. To Reinforce the city and help Santiago the new regent. First mission help Liam a former prince of Detroit become the new prince of New Orleans. Also search out the city and rebuild we need strong leadership Liam needs to step up and put himself Prince but I see a hesitant kindred. The way I see this he can prevail as the new prince or fail and loose the city.

We started by searching out the sewer rats. We found one named Craine. At the Rack there was a evil type presence feeling. This was causing the crowds to react evil. We made are way back were they dropped me off after I decided to avoid a evil kindred they where talking about. I set up a ward and learned the area better before I went in for the day.

The Plot Sickens
One Of Liam's Other Competiters Shows His Face... Sort Of.

Another warlock arrived in the city tonight. A guy who calls himself Holden. Apparently, Santiago encouraged him to make himself useful. I’m still not certain why Santiago is so gung ho about me becoming the prince. I’m sure he imagines that he can use me in some way. So what does he really want? Well, for now, that’s the least of my concerns.

Ethan, this Holden character and I, went looking for Duckbill and the rest of the Nosferatu this evening. We didn’t find Duckbill but what we did find doesn’t make me feel very optimistic about his chances of still being around.

We stumbled across the corpse of some Nosferatu named “Crane”. The poor girl looks to have had a bad last few moments. I applied a spirit touch to catch a glimpse of what happened to her. It turns out that one of the entities after the stored energies in the city has already achieved a head start by controlling whatever the Nosferatu were keeping secret in the tunnels beneath it. He/She/It destroyed Crane and possibly the other Nosferatu to seize it. I’m unsure what it did to Crane that killed her but I know that she died in terror.

Anything that can terrify a Nosferatu is enough to make one pause and think.

There’s magic involved here. Not really my area, though I wish I could learn. For now I’ll just have to make use of Santiago’s new lackey and perhaps Santiago himself and the skills they posses.

A good prince knows how to make the best use of his assets.

Arrhythmia for the Dead

Upon advice of kindred new, we traversed the forest into a tomb. With eyes of gold and heart like fire, he assured my destiny was safely acquired. I stood in shock mixed with awe and thirst, and waited for promised release of this curse. ~Ethan

The Odd Collections Of Liam Flannery
We Often Acquire That Which We Do Not Want.

It seems that in order to restore New Orleans to order so that I may seek a way to consolidate the unprotected and untamed supernatural power here, I must become it’s prince. I must make this transition carefully and cleanly so as not to lose status rather than transfer it. I can not be prince of two cities but until I’ve settled the matter of who will succeed me in Detroit, I must protect both cities now under my care. I seem to collect them now. There will be rivals who seek to be prince of New Orleans but as with anywhere, there always are. They are of little concern.

Of greater concern to me is the ancient kindred that dwells, unaccosted by were creatures, in the woods outside the city. He knows things and more importantly, he knows why I stay. He has made it clear (to me anyway) that he wants the same thing. It will take all my cunning to out wit this elder opponent. I cannot afford to fail to gain full control over the power I seek if I am to have any hope of being strong enough to keep him from taking it.

It’s said one can be judged by the strength of one’s enemies.

The Archon Winters, the Justicar Paseck, some sort of “Death Mage”, now this elder, possibly a Methuselah…

I seem to collect powerful enemies too.

Unearthly Thirst Aids Dark Desires

My task is complete, Alan’s blood reclaimed. Unexpected power exhilarates my senses. The mask has shifted yielding undesired results. Replace, regain and shift the burden. Embrace the night, conform or consume the darkness. ~Ethan


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