New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

Warren files # 10
The night moves on

The city is going to begin its transformation all the pieces are moving in. My quest for power seems to be moving along. All the pieces are coming together are we ready? Now if the mission at hand was easy everyone would be doing it. The strong survive with the city in chaos it is a perfect time for my quest to begin.

The night started out unexpected which lead to Hikaru getting kidnapped. Soon after that Liam and Ethan decided to go find him of course I went. The Malkavian justicar still has not shown her face. Upon arriving at the place which seemed like a trap I stayed behind. After the fog arrived I was offered dark magic by a unseen presence and now I am going to also wield it.
Demons had little prior experience with them. The one who tormented me Of course he must die one day, Liam often complained of them, but their conversations had led Ethan to view them as a very isolated concern.

The thought of a colony of demons, gathering up in New Orleans , was a chilling one.

Of course, it corroborated what Ethan had seen in his auspex. A sinister grin, a thirst for blood, They certainly matched Liam description of his adversaries Galadrial . This did not bode well.

I can feel it coming in the air tonight.
I've been waiting for this moment for all my life.

These nights are escalating in their madness. Something is coming in conjunction with this “Masquerade Ball”. I can feel it.

Other developments seem to be coming to a head as well.

There is one more Justicar that has yet to announce herself but she is here. Soon the Inner Circle and other “guests” will be arriving. But what is my Justicar waiting on? Why does she delay making her presence known?

Various kindred have been behaving in a conspiratorial manner and when I joked about it to some of them recently, one became defensive. He then claimed to be on to a possible strategy for dealing with the lich. This sounds like a smoke screen to be honest but I’ll play along for now.

The crazy old kindred from the woods who has been calling himself “Eric” has reiterated his claim that he first made in the cave we found him in. That our interests are currently, aligned. We shall see.

There is a new breed of werewolf than the kind I’m familiar with, infiltrating my city. Filthy, smelly, unhealthy beasts. They must be exterminated. I’ve lost my patience with these freaks. Besides, they made it personal when they trashed my new car.

Round two with the one who calls herself “Galadrial” did not go as I had planned. She cleverly avoided a direct confrontation with me this time, instead choosing to attack me through my own psyche. She keyed in on strong emotions within me and used that to gain entry. She then turned my own power and skill against me. it was a tactic worthy of a Malkavian. One can’t help but wonder. At any rate, she is shrewder perhaps, than I gave her credit for. I will not underestimate her again.

This city is filled with challenges. I’ve decided to embrace them. When the smoke clears and I stand over the ashes of those who would appose my dominance over this city, there will be no disputing my greatness. Then I will only need to contend with the jealous.

The jealous are jealous because they know they’re unworthy.

Warren files #9
Game changer

Rising up from the waters of the New Orleans Bay, rigid glass and steel spires cast long shadows across the sprawling metropolis. The crowded city provides homes for more than 1/2 million people who live out their existence with their eyes firmly fixed on their very own gleaming glass pinnacle. These unwitting pawns do not dare to pause for a moment to stop and look…look down murky alleyways and through dimly lit streets. There the creatures of darkness wage an unseen war of subterfuge and political intrigue against their friends and foes using both man, kindred and monster alike to fuel their unending campaigns. In this age of globalization the stakes have never been higher and all sides have upped the ante as New Orleans sits at the epicenter grand masquerade.

Hushed backroom deals, vicious betrayals, and deception are the tools of the trade. The crime lords and Evil kindred and others tug the strings… maneuvering and manipulating their minions like the puppet masters of a bygone era to further to their own mysterious game…a game they know all too well how to play. Existing just outside of the periphery of perception and understanding is the Lich, the evil rising and unknown, the living enigmas and masters of reality itself. These will workers labor tirelessly to their own unknowable goals slipping in and out of the grand game only briefly at their whim, fading back into obscurity leaving neither trace of their passing nor remnant of their enemies. Surrounded on all sides by their ancient foes are the Camarilla and the Sabatt to name the few. They stand back to back in their small patch of earth against all comers, sometimes lashing out with a savage brutality unmatched by any person or creature walking this earth. The kindred stand steadfast and cling to a faint but new hope born in the madness ,Liam. Like the ripples after a splash in a puddle, for every dark action wrought upon a society there is an equally dark reaction to that splash. In the shadows of the streets solitary quacks, conspiracy nuts, and fringe agents grimly lash out at the status quo, armed with fanatical determination to find the truth. This is New Orleans.

Ethan begin to question Liam. We left with out Liam as he backed down from going with us and he is supposed to be the Leader of this city. We then headed out to look for the Abomination with great determination. The kindred known as Eric landed on the car then said he had bonds for us at a residential house. They’re the payment for helping the wraith. We headed back to Elysium after Eric turned the car into a convertible. Ethan went to find information on the bonds could be a insurmountable fortune, I think we can deal with it. Liam still questioned me about the Lich instead of the topics at hand. Liam needs to become a leader or the city and everyone here is going to have a wake up call.

Arrival of the Judges

Justicars are piling in, Liam has begun to dance. The time for patience has come to an end. The Grand Masquerade will give all a chance. ~Ethan

Warren files #8
And so it begins

Arrival of Pasek lightened things up a bit. Liam and Pasek exchanged a few words and what… pleasantries. I was expecting a knock out drag out not …Twilight. If Liam gets sparkly think that would be the end of the city. On a more serious note, They seem to be focusing on the Lich hopefully when the city gets packed the focus will change. I made a deal so I need to keep the focus else where like who the hell is this Eric guy that basically forced me to go to the shadowlands?

With one step in the right direction everything will fall into place. Right now they probly think of me as reckless and can’t keep my mouth shut after all I left out a few things. They mentioned the Lich a lot, I only mentioned the Lich a little. Ethan has been very quite the last few nights. What is the innocu? Tonight we are going to the next step hopefully in the right direction.

I Hear You Knocking But.... Oh, Fine! Come In!
But I Don't Have To Be Happy About It.


Paseck is here.

“Where’s that idiot?”, “Liam! You moron!”, “Where have you been?”, “What took you so long to get here?”

He insults me almost every time he opens his mouth but apparently, he’s something of a bad joke to his “peers”.

He and I shared about as civil an exchange as possible and that’s only because he and I are equally unhappy about having the Sabbat here.

The lich dusted two kindred but as best as I’ve been able to determine so far, everyone is accounted for which makes me think it may have been nosy Nosferatu or Lucinde’s super secret Archons snooping around.

Either way, it’s not going to lead to anything good.

That Holden guy is going to get himself into trouble if he doesn’t put a filter on that whole brain-mouth thing.

On the upside, Grant finally came through with that mind block I wanted. It’s now up to me to make it a little more convenient.

Justin is acquitting himself well except for his growing signs of impertinence toward me. It may be necessary to tighten his leash at some near future point, just to remind him to show the proper respect to his prince.

In a way, I’ll be glad when other kindred start showing up. The sooner I can hold my little recruitment drive and get some new permanent residence, the sooner all these so called leaders of the Camarilla will go home and get out of my hair. Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can use them to deal with this lich problem.

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Anastaz and Lucinde arrived in New Orleans and made contact. Holden chose to drop every card in his hand and announce Liam’s dealings with a lich, a strange kindred who lives in caves and controls the stones, and his recent trip into the shadow lands. Things are about to get interesting as more players arrive. ~Ethan

Warren files# 7
come one come all.

Finally after all this chaos get a chance to read. Learned a new chaos spell. The very next night time for Annastaz to arrive. Finally maybe everything will come to plan. My plans are simple learn as much as possible and position myself to become great. Building alliances will help me secure a position in New Orleans. To become the one controlling the board in chess takes patients and strategy.

At the airport another justicar shows up named Lucinda. Warren picks up Annastaz.. Discussing the turn of events. We make are way to find Liam. A few choice words and we move on to the hotel.

Two Accounted For. Four Yet To Arrive.
A Surprisingly Professional Exchange... So Far.

As prince of the city, I had hoped for a civil encounter with the Justicars. A little professional courtesy. So far, two have arrived and not disappointed me. Even Lucinde, in spite of her reputation for being difficult, has been quite reasonable so far. She didn’t sound as completely sold on this ridiculous “Masquerade Ball” as originally indicated. I may yet be able to deal with her. Anastaz is still a bit of a riddle but what can I expect from a warlock.

I’m pleased to learn that I won’t be dealing with Winters but I wonder what Lucinde is up to with these unknown, undercover Archons of hers. Somehow, I just don’t buy that they’re only here to watch our enemies while they’re in town. It makes perfect sense though. So why am I suspicious? Also, what the hell is Janice up to?

Perhaps it’s simply as I told Anastaz, I don’t trust easily.

I’m cautiously curious regarding who the other four Justicars will be.

Perhaps I’ll be able to gain some insight into the coming festivities from my audience with these two.

Liam, these coming nights are just the opportunity for you to show these people who they’re dealing with. Maybe once they see your methods in action, they’ll leave you alone and let you work.

Yeah, right.

Once Upon a City Bleary

New Orleans is soon to be the center of all things Kindred. Prince Liam is to graciously host an untested Grand Masquerade Ball where any and all may lay claim to the city undead. I am looking forward to this more than mere words would be able to properly convey. May the games begin. ~Ethan


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