New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

Dark Days and Darker Nights

Once more returned to this hell. The Dragon has placed me in a temporary position of authority. I, along with the du beong-eoli eongdeong-i that I seem fated to follow me around, make amends with the demon Cain and travel to the second city of Enoch. We each commit to join an elite group that opposes everything the Camerilla represents. I will have to wait until I am back in my own time before I can see if this choice has bound or freed me. ~Ethan

Warren files #13
Ghosts from the past. Can you escape your past?

Before recently I had never seen powerful Vampires except two my sire and the demon vampire. About a month after I was changed that demon vampire wiped out a few of my fellow kindred tremere and a few kindred of my former city.

The Sabbat were only a hour a way in Baltimore we thought we stopped the attack then the Vampire Demon known as the Dc monster showed up and almost killed all of us If not for my sire who knows what would happen. I am the only one who briefly saw his face. He held me against the wall with some sort of force power as he destroyed other kindred with Blood magic power killing them though earlier that night he stalked two tremere into a alleyway they tried to stop him with no luck he dropped in off a building and killed one tremere kindred with his claws and then another with his sword right before they could react and then we arrived there. With all the chaos I fear we will meet again in New Orleans and he might kill or torture me more this time.

Judging by what I now know I would have to say he was one of these assamite blood sorcerers possibly one I have met in the past. My sire Ben needs to know what is happening here maybe he can help. We might have stumbled on something that can help me destroy the DC monster.

In the past With the true black hand. We get to see the second city and get are tattoos that give us some power. I am then offered a chance to learn from the assamites blood sorcerers .

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
Time Travel: A Path To Knowledge And Power

I have been finding this whole time travel dilemma of ours very annoying. However, as if a break in storm clouds let in a ray of sunshine, I suddenly find the positives of this little adventure illuminated for me.

Freed from restrictive and troublesome blood bonds. Granted authority over some of those who would have once called me their enemy. Knowledge of ancient events that still effect our present.

These time trips have clearly been arranged to give my companions and (most importantly) myself, inside knowledge on ancient influences instigating our modern problems as well as other advantages of power and special authority.

The questions are, arranged by whom? For what purpose?

And what will it cost?

One, Two.....Ethan's coming for you......
Once more we are brought back to New Orleans only to return to the past minutes later. This time to a small castle. The inhabitants of the village were defeated in battle, those not killed were used as cattle. A bit more was revealed to us concerning the young boy Alexander from before. Possessed by a demon he began to go by the name Cain. A vampire anarch named Malice took us into his tent and showed hospitality as we waited to raid another village. I noticed a dark-haired kindred named The Dragon, a Tzimisce who had the ability to morph and breath fire, watching me. He seemed as interested in us as I was in him. Our traveling companions stormed the next village as I stayed behind watching for The Dragon. When the castle was taken, I entered, and found Liam acting quite odd. While distracted, he pounced on me and dug his fangs into my flesh. I broke free and rammed my sword into his side, causing him to collapse on the ground. If that was not enough, Holden decided to take the opportunity the situation provided, and use his blood magic to steal some of my blood. Pissed and pushed to my limit, I swung my sword hard at Holden, positive it would destroy him. Just as the sword made contact with his flesh, it bounced off supernaturally. I looked back and forth at the two of them, not being able to make sense of the situation, I decided to flee. The beast is strong right now and I do not want to make a decision that will prove unprofitable later. Better to think this through and bend it to my advantage.
Warren files #12
The Goblet and the Demon

Back in time once again and the evil follows. With everything leading to a kindred war. We meet new kindred Cain, Dragon, a follower of set and an unknown tzsimize . The follower of set gave us a goblet to drink out of that destroyed are blood bonds by drinking are blood out of it.

Later we attack a venture castle . Liam attacks Ethan as I make my way into the center room the other ones are fighting a distance away. Then we appear back at the street Ethan goes in for Liam throat after hitting him with his sword. I interfere and Ethan attempts to kill me. The Demon appears and offers me a way to survive for a future favor. I accept cause I still have unfinished business with another powerful demon and I did not want to die just yet. Ethan runs off after his blade does no damage to me. Leaving Liam to die. I decide it is my best interest to keep Liam alive.

"What Are You Looking At Butt Head?"
It's Time To "Make Like A Tree And Get Out Of Here".

Do you remember that part of “Back To The Future II” where Marty returns to 1985 from the year 1955 to discover that Biff had pretty much taken over Hill Valley and now the whole town was made of suck?

That’s pretty much my life right now.

I just returned from an impromptu time trip where pretty much everything went horribly wrong. Civilized Kindred were slaughtered by anarchs and demon worshiping/possessed vampires who are bound and determined to spread chaos wherever they can. I was confronted by a demon possessed vampire that tried to eat me on a previous time trip. That demon’s lackey (another demon) took over my body and used it as his personal meat puppet. The dumb-ass didn’t know how to use the power he had taken and in his unworthiness, nearly got us both dusted attacking Ethan. Of course, Ethan being so close to the beast, is incapable of rational, critical thought and failed to read between the lines of what was happening. Then he refused to listen to reason and abandoned me in a near helpless state with Holden of all people!

I will need my cunning to escape this foolishness and get to a safe place where I can recover.

Then… there will be a reckoning.

One step forward, two steps back

Something powerful is testing us. Whether it be through vivid dream or twisted reality, things are not flowing as they should. One moment I stood on the blackened streets of New Orleans, the next I am 700 years in the past, standing outside of Rome. Children gathered to sacrifice the unfortunate as tribute to a crazed man. Caught off guard, the man is rendered unconscious and we are again standing on our city’s streets. I call Justin, the only one I can truly confide in, and as I wait, we are again brought to Rome. The sun is out and we are human. 10 years have passed since our last visit and one of the young children from before appears. We accompany him to his home and pass the time. The hair on my neck rises as I feel evil’s glare upon me and I wish to seek it out. I do not like being vulnerable like this. I miss the blood, I need the strength. I will continue to wait out this sentence, complete whatever task is required of me to return home; or wake up. ~Ethan

Warren files # 11
Sometimes to defeat evil you have to become evil

Sometimes to defeat evil you have to become evil.

After the encounter at the construction site the four of us Ethan, Liam, Hikru and Holden seem to be placed in another place and time. Upon arriving at a medieval city near Rome we are approached by young boys who are street thugs. After trying to get a room the others leave about a hour later Ethan approaches me and asks me to be bait for something. There seemed to be a young boy who seems to lead the thugs. The plan works and we take down a suspected killer.

Then we appear back in the present for a little bit only to travel back in time again this time years later and only three of us. We stumble upon the once little boy who is now a man. We are all human for some reason also. He brings us into his home after we lay down for the night the young man asks me to sneak away. We travel to a secret place were a ritual is taken place . A demon appears and asks me my sires name I tell him his first name Ben. He tells me if it is power I seek then it will be found in a round about kinda a way. We awaken the next day still in Rome the others not knowing what happen that night.

Time And Time Again
A Wibbally Wobbally, Timey Wimey Thing.


…apparently, time travel is a thing.

Shortly after our less than satisfying encounter at the construction site, some unknown force (I suspect that weird “Eric” guy) whisked Holden, Ethan and Myself off to ancient Rome in around the last century of it’s rule. There, we made the acquaintance of a young boy who was up to no good. After nearly 24 hours spent in the past and, apparently, scaring the kid straight, we just as suddenly found ourselves back in the modern day. But before we could fully process what had happened to us and before we could catch a ride to Elysium, we were suddenly back in time again, maybe a decade or so from when we were last there.

Now we find ourselves enjoying the hospitality of the young lad we encountered before who is now a young man and member of the clergy. Also, something else that’s very new has occurred.


I don’t know what this means or if it’s permanent or what but we breath, we sleep, WE EAT AND DRINK once again!

They have some sort of weird wrapped meat, shawarma like food here AND IT’S AMAZING!!! Oh, and THE F*&%$#G WINE!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! How I’ve missed FOOD and DRINK!!! And the SUN!!! We can walk in the F*&%$#G SUN again!!!

I have no idea what this is but it all seems tied to this guy. Perhaps, if we figure it out, we can return to our own time and place.

I can’t believe I’m human again! Is it permanent? Am I free of the curse inflicted upon me by Allison or will we all be vampires again when we return home?


Sun and moon, sun and moon, spinning faster and passing quickly soon the past will pass the future and the beginning becomes the end…


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