New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

Dance, Dine, Die

The night is young, the occupants old, the party full of flavor. We must take our pick of who to sip, lest the time lose its seductive savour. The night shall cease once the guests feast and the young return to their graves. The old are dust who watch in disgust, quietly pulling the reins. ~Ethan

Life is a highway part 2

You ever believe blood is thicker then water. I do… what does this world come to when my nightmares begin to haunt me this god like supernatural power has it’s disadvantages. Made a deal now it is time for me to act. Hard times don’t create heroes.

It is during the hard times when the hero within us is revealed. Never been the smartest, best looking or even the most outgoing. the whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going. We all look to the sky hoping something is up there that can save us. Before the night was Over I drew a picture of Rose. The next night I planned to ask questions and meet new kindred hopefully some will become allies. This is when I met the prince of the city Liam.

I'm Not Sweating.

This past decade and a half has seen the rise of the bane called “reality” TV. One of the staples of this bad joke is the nightly elimination. Traditionally, there is a special challenge for those facing elimination. The winner of this challenge is immune to the elimination vote while the losers face the possibility of being sent home in disgrace.

Those hoping to eliminate me tonight will discover that I have already secured my immunity. The Inner Circle and their Justicars have pinned so much on this Great Masquerade Ball and the potential merger of the great vampire factions. Little do they realize that I embody this merger. Once this is revealed, they won’t dare try to dust me over something as petty as this Holden incident.

However, I shall see how things pan out before playing that card.

Healing the dead

Liam, after smashing the masquerade to bits, needed healing and blood. I provided that for him so that he could heal. Once again the great prince is indebted to me. -Ethan

Life is a highway part 1

My name is Caden picked up the nickname Cowboy when I was younger. Years ago Working a violent gang related crime scene I met a beautiful women named Rose. She later became my sire after saving my life. From 1993 to now I lived with her in her large home as her helper and as her child. Her Boyfriend Nicknamed Lucky is a high ranking Ventrue in Chicago and a mobster who uses Caden for scouting and other various purposes.

Lucky was thinking about checking out New Orleans for a new place for them to live so Lucky can get out of crime with a new identity. Rose went to check out the city and disappeared her last known location is New ORLEANS so Lucky tells Caden that he needs help finding her. Lucky gets ready to head to New Orleans but first He sends Caden in first to scout the area and find anything having to do with her. Caden arrived at New Orleans and mapped out the area. Then he meets up with Dog who shows him some hiding places. Later he meets up with Zack.

Salt On My Wounds
Insults Added To Injury

After that ass clown of a warlock, Holden, used his blood magic on me, others around me decided to show their true colors and my low expectations, unfortunately , were realized.

I suppose, if I expected that Ethan, Justin and others couldn’t really be trusted than I can’t really be disappointed but it would be nice to occasionally be proven wrong. Also, it seems that the Justicars are waiting in the wings to get their jabs in at my expense following some accusation that I, in some way, violated the Masquerade. Gee, I wonder who would accuse me of that.

Fortunately, my arrangement with Grant continues to pay dividends. It’s possible that he can’t be trusted either but for now, our arrangement continues to be mutually beneficial. With his aid, I’m mostly healed and before Ethan could complete his vile work.

There will be a reckoning for those who have targeted me for attacks on my body, my will and/or my high station in this city… MY city. But that can wait. My immediate concern is damage control.

Tonight, I take steps toward that end. Then, I play the long game. Punishment will come to the guilty but not just yet.

Not just yet.

Warren files #15

Stuck in the past once again my companions decide to wrap me in a dead werewolf pelt and drag me to a knew location after we camped for the day with two others. The next night the two had disappeared and a few spiritually incline wanted to kill me and Liam decided to kill me himself big mistake. I turned towards Liam as he approached me and set him on fire from the inside.

Liam turned into a raging lunatic trying to kill me. I speed off quickly. Moments later we appear back in New Orleans this time Liam was left in the dust. I arrived inside a house as the alarms were going off then ran out into the street and dropped to the ground like I was dead. Not sure what to do as I try to refrain from breaking the masquerade. All maybe lost unless There is a way out of this I expect to be blood hunted very soon so I need to escape the city.

My Pain Will Be Shared.

Damned demon loving bastard!

There ought to be a law!

If I don’t die, he’d better pray he does before I rise.

Warren files #14
Sometimes you have to do what you have to do

Thought we were back for good we arrived back in our time. I headed to Elysium were I was approached by a new demon who acquired my debt that kept me alive. telling me I had to repay a favor so I needed to set Elysium on fire. First I acquired a water bottle, then a bike from a bum ,took some gas from a car to fill up the jug using my detective training tried to go about it with out getting caught . I hid by a car then tried to set the place on fire from a little distance. I went about it stealthy and managed to burn myself really bad along with trees and some cars even my get away bike.

The Sabbat and the first incarnation of the Cammerilla formed. We managed to get into a barn hiding from what ever was coming. I could barely make out a something inside the place as Ethan and Liam went to check it out. I am stuck unable to move unless I force my self by using my blood to.

Here We Go Again... Again.
A Tail Of Repetition.

Just when we thought we were safe… yeah right. We knew we weren’t safe.

We returned to our own time recently. Perhaps for the longest stretch yet. None the less, somehow we all knew we’d be taking another ‘trip’. Well, Ethan and I knew. Holden seemed to think it was a good opportunity to celebrate our return with some kind of act of stupidity that somehow resulted in him setting our Elysium, several cars, some nearby trees and himself, on fire. I’ll get to the bottom of that but not now. for right now, we have other concerns.

We’ve traveled back in time yet again. Also, yet again, some time has passed since our last visit. Rome has fallen. The Camarilla has formed as has an early form of the Sabbat, no doubt as a splinter of the Black Hand. The old Anarch faction is scattered and being hunted by the Camarilla and here we three find ourselves traveling the land in the company of two frightened and thirsty Anarchs on the run.

Just who the hell is taking us on this magical mystery tour anyway and why? What do they hope to accomplish? Why are we being taken on this tour of history only from the perspectives of either the Anarchs or the Black hand? What will this all lead to? What’s the end game?

Not to destroy us. Someone so powerful could have done so quite easily already.

Damn! This not knowing is irritating!


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