New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

Explosions Rock New Orleans
Emergency services struggling to stabilize city

The ever-so-fragile peace of New Orleans was shattered earlier this evening as mutliple explosions ripped through the city.

At approximately 0800 hours an explosion blew through the New Orleans Observatory in Kenner. We have reports that one person was seen being taken by ambulance from the scene but police have yet to release any official statement. Since then there have been over ten more reported explosions ranging from Metairie down through Marrero.

In the ensuing response form emergency services there has been increasing activity of looters, gang members, and civil disobedience. The Governor has declared Martial Law and has called up the 256th Infantry Brigade out of Lafayette in an attempt to establish order. Police are advising that everybody stay off the road and keep your doors locked. It is rumored that a nightly curfew will soon be enacted until order can be maintained.

Enter the Shroud # 7

The Light and the Darkness part #2

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. Beginning at the Static night club there is a concert tonight staring “Silent Doctrine” Ivy’s band. The first half of the concert was amazing. Trouble started when the lights were dropped for a tribute to the fallen teens and the Sabbat ghoul’s showed up killing people. I throw a mic stand pole into a ghoul seems to be not even noticing. I try to help people exit the back and there is a kindred guarding the door and pops claws. I attack him biting down on his neck area. he runs me through with the claws putting a hole through my midsection. Then I am thrown twenty feet through the stage. I see Ivy trying to protect her band mates. Then I attempt to attack when the kindred dominates me and he tells me to run and I do. Dog comes in through the sky light and begins taking down a ghoul. Shortly after Ivy drives through the front door. I can see Don Juan and others fighting in the parking lot. The effect wheres off and I drink from a recent dead body. Everything becomes trippy after that.

The next night I get a call from my lawyer asking about agent Jones after I wake up at the church with chains on me and a opened lock. I head to Mathwin chambers and get chain mail and a sword to protect myself. I call Khalid(Agent Jones) and find out Sabbat have been located and I need to meet at a house.I leave for the house and see them loading pick up trucks with weapons. We arrive at the Sabbat hideout I grab a M60 and so does another kindred we prepare to go after a ghoul and Crane appears out of nowhere. Dog and Zach get ready to go after other ghoul.The mysterious Grant and The rest of the kindred Santiago,Khalid,Ivy,and Peter Head inside as I unload a m60 taking out the gates lock. A large statue comes flying over the gate.I then attack one ghoul with three rounds of the M60. both the ghouls drop and the rest of us head inside now.

Enter the Shroud #6

The Light and the Darkness part #1

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. In Jail then released by Nathanial from prison and escorted to Elysium. Where I am reminded that I owe favors to the Tremere and to other kindred in the city. Don Juan states that I already suffered enough no need for any further punishment. So shortly after I go back to the church with Ivy where she drops me off then I finish the night.

Waking up the next night I feel… I need to do something. Mathwin from the Church reminds me of this.(“I have been thinking a lot lately. The recent deaths of the teens hit me hard that could have been my son. Although it seems like the world has turned against me I am still going to triumph.”)

I feel deep down I need to change no longer want to be this monster I created.(“All I wanted to do is make the bad guys pay for what they do to others and I became one of them. Now I am standing up for myself even if I have to perish doing it. Cause it Doesn’t matter what the press says. Doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn’t matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree besides the river of truth, and tell the whole world——No you move.”)After getting the keys to the church van I head to Ivy’s concert.I come up with an idea for a website to help out the victims of last night and others.
Enter the Shroud #5

Finding the light the beginning:

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. I am in jail. Some time has passed since my last entry. I embark in a new mission recover some holly water. First at the hotel Marcus teaches me a few new things now I can see the last thing a corpse sees.I leave then originally go into the wrong type of church then find a catholic church where I then say my sins to the preacher to get the holly water. He asks me to come back the next night.

The next night I head out to the church. I meet up with the preacher and he begins to teach me a new path.Begin by getting hit with a cat of nine tails. I get introduced to a new book which I begin to read that night. I also learn how to fight with a sword and shield. I stay there that night then begin my new training the next night and get out around ten and head to Elysium where I hear about a kindred named Kali breaking the masquerade and a blood hunt on a kindred named Jason who I met before I was embraced at the car wreck with agent Jones.

Kali, Ivy and I are supposed to stick together and we finally begin patrolling the area. I decide to take them with me by the church so they can meet the priest since I need to check in. Kali grabs me from behind flipping out and cause me to wreck my car. The car crashes kills two teens and overturns trapping us. After I free Ivy from the wreck the cops come and I take the heat so the two can get away. Then get arrested and some how pass the fingerprints as a Giovanni. That brings me to this point where I am in jail.

Fading Away (3)
The Impending Darkness

My attacker has been identified as Nigel, a young computer programmer who lives within the city. One of my bandmates recognizes a picture of him and gives me his cell number. Playing innocent I becon Nigel to my apartment under the lure of repairing my computer. Oblivious, he agrees to the meeting. When I informed Tina of my plan, she sent Peter over for protection. Ten minutes later there is a knock at the door. Opening it I find Peter standing there with a grin on his face and a baseball bat in his hand. I ask him in for fear of being found out. A moment later there is another knock on the door. Before I can walk across the room to answer it, Peter kicks out the front door and throws the baseball bat down the hall where it meets with someone’s skull. I stand in utter disbelief and shock as Peter drags two bodies into my living room. I recognize the first victim as Terry from my band, the second was Nigel. Peter secured Nigel in various layers of knotted sheets and we then focused our attention to Terry. His breathing was ragged and he was bleeding from his head. Upon the advice from Peter, I gave him some of my blood and he stabilized immediately. I cleaned up the mess and moved Terry to my bet with a note explaining he passed out and hit his head. Peter fixed the door to near perfection, we grabbed the unconscious Nigel and drove to my new house to question him.
Once secured at the house, Peter revived Nigel in a most unpleasant way. Nigel awoke covered in cat’s blood and intestines, bewildered as to what was ocurring. Once told of the situation, he claimed to have had no part in it. Peter called in Santiago from the Tremere clan to use his talents to pull out the truth. After rummaging through both of our memories it became clear that he was not my attacker and had clearly been framed. Santiago left with a vial of my blood to do further research. Apologizing to Nigel we allowed him leave the house. The relief was short lived as I no longer had a specific individual to pin my revenge on. It was becoming clear to me that my attacker had staged the whole scene in the garden. Talks began to circulate among the vampires about the Sabbat possibly being in on it.

The Grave Mistake

Enter the shroud #4

The Grave Mistake

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. After I leave the graveyard with a hundred year old hand full of hair. I head to Elysium where I meet up with my lawyer who is now a kindred also. I meet Lenny again this time he speaks about Antediluvians and the Book of Nod. Later retiring to my hotel for the night.

I awaken in my hotel almost immediately get a call from my Lawyer. He wants me to locate Tee and Agent Mitchel Jones. Heading to Elysium where I ask about Agent Jones and then I ask Peter about Tee he gives me the location. I pick up Tee then meet up with my Lawyer who gives me 5000 dollars and direction to Capt. Riley’s place who was told to me to be corrupted. Leaving to go question Riley about agent Jones whereabouts. I arrive with Tee I head in the back he goes in the front Tee kills the old lady as I head upstairs to find Riley changing. Riley gets slammed into the wall then sat down on a chair.“Where is Agent Jones?”,I said. He denies knowing for the last four days. Then proceed to cut his finger off with a sharp knife in my hand.The crimson blood looks delicious dripping quickly to the floor so I drink from the finger. Riley collapses almost dead. I then throw him over the balcony demanding Tee kill him. “Slit his throat… Tee.”,I said.Throwing down the knife I graze Tee and he starts to leave. Chasing him down and tackling him to the ground he begins shooting me two or three times. I proceed to bite him twice ripping flesh from his body. I heal my wounds when he passes out. Then I go to bite down on him and blood flashes front of me.

I regain myself and see a dead store clerk ripped to shreds along with my clothes. Naked I head out and clean myself up at a garden hose. I raid a clothing box and all I can find is a moo moo so I put it on and head to my car. Not enough time I park the car nearby and head to a house to hide in for the night. I awaken and find better cloths the car is gone along with the money.I head back to the hotel and it says I need to get a branch that some one was hanged from. I knock out a drug dealer and hang him from a tree then take the branch back to the hotel. I then head to Elysium

"The Jones Identity" Or "Mission: Improbable"
A new cover, a new breed of monster.

At “The Farm” they tell potential agents that they are going to have to be comfortable with lying. I had no problem with that. I’m good at it. They said they would teach us to be master manipulators and students of human behavior. They taught me to be aware of my surroundings. To know the exits. To know who was in the room and to have an idea of what they were capable of. They warned that the greatest threats to U.S. security were right here at home. They also taught me how to create an effective cover. When I reinvented ‘Mitchel Jones’, I thought I was so cleaver.
Cia buildings
p. When the agency sent me on this first mission, right here in the States, they warned me that I would be operating behind enemy lines. That’s the level of paranoia they operate at in the C.I.A. Now, I’m not sure what threat they envisioned, but I don’t think they knew anything about New Orleans. I however, am learning a lot.
p. First off, Vampires are real. That’s right, I said vampires. Get over it. Move on. Vampires, it would seem, are as varied as humans are. They have differing views, beliefs and ideologies. As such, there are different factions and just like among humans, they’re all suspicious of each other. So, like human factions, they need spies. That’s where yours truly comes in. After some jockeying to work out who was going to do it and therefore who would claim my special set of skills for their very own, I was turned. Not like you’d turn a spy in human dealings but actually turned. They call it an “embrace” but regardless of what sort of homoerotic label they want to slap on it, the result is the same. I’m now a night stalking, blood drinking monster just like them.
Vampires dracula
p. Surprisingly, some of them actually care a little for the humans they feed from. I didn’t fall in with that crowed however. No, the ones I fell in with are completely off their collective nut. Powerful but crazy, the ‘ Followers Of Set’ are exactly what their name suggests: cultists. They worship the ancient Egyptian god with the face of an aardvark and practice magic…. real magic. They do all the things that most modern day cults do. They conduct rituals and sacrifices, push their special brand of dogma on a host of human acolytes, smuggle weapons and drugs… you know, the usual.
220px set.svg
p. Being “embraced” by them has been anything but painless. First, my life (As well as that of my cover) was ruined. I was framed for murder and sent on the run. I was put in touch with one faction (while still being ignorant of the existence of vampires) lead by a guy called Don Juan. No, really. That’s his name. He set me up with the Settites. They didn’t hide what they were for long. After a brief scuffle, I was turned but the suffering didn’t end there. They drastically altered my appearance. They made me kill people. Some of them it turns out were my own family. They made me kill until I just didn’t feel it anymore. As if that wasn’t enough, they tell me they want me to be their inside vamp in Don Juan’s camp. The real kicker is, Don Juan says he wants me to watch the Settites for him and report their dealings. So now I’m a spy and a freak who spies for freaks. On both sides. A double agent.

Being a spy requires a certain amount of moral flexibility. A spy, in human terms, is a kind of monster but a necessary one. Now I’m a new breed. In the end, I’m not sure who will suffer more for it. Them or me.

Never mind who I was. He’s dead now. Now, I am Khalid Minkabh. Spy, killer, monster.

Fading Away (2)
The End of Me

I was driven to a museum and told to wait out in the lobby. My driver, a young British man named Shane, told me he would be back later with burgers and beer. He certainly has been the most normal thing surrounding me as of late. There are more of these undead creatures hanging inside the museum and they are laughing and talking as if it were perfectly normal they should exist as such. I found it frightening and appalling at the same time. Then I saw Merry Stark. She, being a musician like me, seemed the easiest ‘person’ to connect to in this She had been forced to become a monster but has chosen to go on despite her circumstance. I felt sorry for her. It was about this time Shane returned with dinner. I was so relieved to see him. I questioned him on how he could be willingly employed to such creatures but he remained loyal and spoke of goodness from the ones he served. I needed to clear my head so after I finished eating I left Shane at the car and wondered around back to the garden. The night was so beautiful and serene in this little place that time seemed to have forgotten. Life-sized granite statues of men and women adorned the garden as the moonlight casted odd shadows across their faces. It appeared almost as if the statues held expressions of scorn and distrust. Feeling as though I had just interrupted a secret ritual few were to be let in on, I wondered over to a stone bench in the center of the garden and thought about my situation. I did NOT want to become like them and I knew I would do whatever necessary to make sure I survived. Not a moment after thinking that I heard a twig snap a few feet away. I quickly stood, realizing there was a man approaching me from the opposite side of the garden. Noting the odd expression on his face I pulled my pocket knife out and gave a warning not to come closer. Ignoring me he picked up speed. I began backing away just as he charged into me, biting down on my neck. I screamed out for help as loudly as I could muster while plunging the knife into his body. I awoke in the garden all alone and I knew I was now different. I tried not to think about it directly though my brain kept trying to whisper the word ‘vampire’ over and over again. I felt an intense hunger rack through my body as Shane came running around the corner to help me. I found myself trembling all over as I struggled for self control. Helping me inside the museum, I was met with Justin and Don Juan and led into a private office. I recounted the events for them as they confirmed my greatest fear. I was now a living monster just like them! A description was given and a blood hunt declared on my attacker. I was given blood from a hospital bag and told the basics of my situation. In my heart I vowed revenge 10-fold on my attacker. He would suffer for this. Justin and Shane took me back to my new home so that I could recuperate and cope. Tina was too upset to see me. Justin told me all bets were off on the family but I could continue to live here. Now I really was completely all alone.

The Gathering


(Sebastian Resurfaces)

The Gathering

Baton Rouge right near New Orleans in a so called abandon warehouse which has a maze basement that is very large lives Sebastian. Sebastian (Tzimisce) was blood-hunted over two years ago after he failed to enter the Brujah. He did start a gang the gang has grown over time. Evading capture Sebastian fled and changed appearance. Unfortunately he could not move back into the city. He created a childer a year ago who he named Rhino,( Jasper Creed A Hannibal Lecter like human who he had freed from a nearby Florida prison.) who now is a Kindred and has a retractable claws. Rhino, helped Sebastian create a minotaur looking armoured ghoul with four arms and bull horns. Also in the warehouse is three two headed dogs who where among Sebastian’s first creations. Some of the smaller street gangs have merged due to Sebastian and other Sabbat influence and now called" The Sons of Fear" and are still gathering recruits.

Rhino a 6’2" a intelligent psychopath with a bikers appearance is now doing Sebastian’s work otherwise known as Jasper Creed. His child left Baton Rouge went into New Orleans for three months now and is working with a few other Sabbat in the area on infiltrating the Camarilla other Sabbat have entered the city and failed in the past. So there key is now finding traitors and insiders. Sebastian is still taking orders from the unknown Lasombra, A unidentified kindred.

Live and let Die

Enter the shroud #3

Live and let Die

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. This time I leave off where my last journal ended. Ivy was apparently attacked by a kindred. A hour later I left with Marcus he gave me a nice car to use and set me up with a hotel. Upon entering the hotel I find a note saying the need to acquire a finger from a corpse. Spending the rest of the night sneaking into graveyards.I dig a whole and gather a finger from a corpse. Unfortunately, I get caught and sprayed in the face with pepper spray. Managing to escape with blood running from my eyes I wreck the nice car at least three times and blow the radiator.Stopping at a convenience store I get cleaned up and enter the hotel for the night is over.

The next night I awaken to another note this time need a hundred year old hair from a corpse. Contacting my Lawyer turns out to be a bad idea. My lawyer sets me up to get killed at Elysium. Surrounded by cops who then shoot me. My eyes open, awaken in the back of a ambulance with Don Juan and Marcus. “Congratulations… you are dead” they say. Marcus sets me up with a peace of shit car to use. Now Heading out to acquire the 100 year old hair.


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