Erik Von Holdt


Erik is the Ventrue Archon of Lucinde. He lives primarily in Copenhagen, Denmark but has residences in a couple of other cities, including New Orleans. He is the primary stockholder in Meditech,Inc. a technology company that designs new and improved devices for medical services. Through his connection to Meditech, he has connections to many officials in various locales and donates extensively to charities and campaign funds in areas where Meditech has offices.

Erik has alot of available capital and travels extensivel in pursuit of his goals. He takes pains to ensure that he is at every notable function and spearheads the cause of the Camarilla, Masquerade, and Ventrue specifically.

He is also known for his excellent combat skills having survived through many Sabbat raids and assassination attempts. He led the counter-offensive in New Orleans after the most recent Sabbat raid. He is an adamant enforcer of the Masquerade and has been in numerous physical conflicts against Kindred who have violated that Tradition.

Erik Von Holdt

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