New Orleans Greater Metropolitan


I face them gladly.

Who would have ever thought that I’d be happy to see that goofy “Cowboy”, Caden again?

As a messenger for Anthelios, he’s a bit ham-handed in his approach. Okay, he’s very ham-handed but I shook hands with the goofy rodeo clown anyway. This time, he took the right deal.

It’s another chance! Apparently, it’s not going to be as easy as it could have been if I’d taken Anthelios’ offer the first time it was offered to me but strangely, I’m good with that. I’m elated to be free of my vampirisim and having accepted salvation through Christ, I’m at peace with my worldly fate, whatever that ends up being. It’s as though a great weight has been lifted from me! This new chapter of my existence is not without challenges, however.

It seems I’m human now but still stuck on this plane of existence with the same goal, to convince others to take the deal. Toward that end, I intend to take the offer to Cain himself. There are complications of course. My read of Ethan was dead on (heh heh, “dead”). He wishes to remain a vampire and he and “Eric” now possess the gem that had been allowing me to track Cain. They don’t seem to care that Caden and I are tagging along but they’ve both made their agendas clear. They intend to do whatever it takes to get Cain’s heart’s blood. It’s doubtful that they will succeed but still… the thought that they might find a way is troubling. If they did and were able to escape to the deep umbra with their vampiric powers intact, they could return to the reborn Earth as progenitors of a new vampire race, carrying Cain’s curse on to those who might be free of it.

I’m human now and don’t have the means to stop them by force but however I can, I must thwart their intentions.

I’m not so selfish anymore as to only be concerned for myself. I hope that Caden and I are up to this challenge for the sake of those to be born or reborn in the new age to come.



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