New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

This Is A Mad City. I Think I Like It.

Another Two Bite The Dust

So to appease that assclown Paseck and get him off my back, I the gracious Liam Flannery, aided the strange and somewhat twisted Ethan in his task to eliminate Alan (a practicing Follower Of Set) from the “Red List”.

Ethan is so deranged that I’d probably like him if he wasn’t constantly testing my patients with his unjustifiably demanding attitude. That and I’m convinced that had he not diablerized Alan and Lee after our successful ambush of the former, he was likely planning to diablerize me. He may still attempt it for fun or to insure my silence on the matter. If I don’t think of a way he can be useful to me soon, it may be wise to cut my losses and eliminate him. Diablerizing Alan made Ethan strong but as Alan’s demise has proven, no one’s indestructible.

Lee might have still proven useful to me but alas, I’ll have to make due with the kindred here at my disposal. At least I no longer owe him boons.

There is a political power vacuum in New Orleans with Don Juan in Torpor and already the power plays have begun with locals seeking to manipulate me for support. It’s tempting to want to claim the city myself but the responsibilities of running the city would likely interfere in my search for these told of sources of power in the city. I strongly sense from the mad ramblings of this Noddist, Lenny, that the power is worth far more than being prince of a city. I must control it. Besides, these locals don’t know me well enough to put any support behind my claim and I would likely face many annoying challengers who would also side track me. My true rivals are the powerful entities that seek to tame the supernatural power in this city before I can.

In the meantime, to add to my concerns, I must extricate myself from Detroit, eliminate Raven and place someone in his stead that I can control, all while avoiding losing face (and therefor status) within the Camarilla. No pressure.



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