New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

The Gathering #4

Sebastian’s uprising and plan to destroy the bridge failed. Rhino speaks,“Faathher… it is time we retreat we lost contact with Jason and there closing in and…” Sebastian nods and signals retreat for any one left from the initial attack the second wave was never sent in the Camarilla forces were too powerful then Sebastian speaks on the com links,“We have lost this time but the Sabbat will eventually take this city…” The semi-truck leaves the area.
sebastian talks on a cell phone to another kindred.,"You failed me. I do not tolerate failure. Bring me six people preferably ghouls unconscious to the corner of west and pine st I will pick them up.

Sebastion dominates the kindred to sleep upon picking up the ghouls. The rest of the night sebastian works on putting explosives in the six ghouls and the kindred. Along with minotaur who knows explosives from his time with construction before he was changed. Minotaur speaks,“Grrr…They can be set off by dialing a number master.” Sebastian turns to Minotaur and speaks," Let them go I dominated them to be at the bridge at five minutes till noon and stay there till 1 except the kindred he has a different number. Contact Jason for me let him know that kindred is at his disposal to take out a high ranking Camarilla. Set them off tomorrow at noon five should be enough to take down the bridge. They are not to know that they have have the c-4 inside them." Sebastion makes his way to his new hideout.

Flashback:Sebastian’s first defeat.

Alaric speaks,“I am Alaric bringer of Darkness, I permit you to be on my premises Child of Georgianna. Welcome to my house, weary traveller. Enter freely and of your own will. Within my walls you will find safety and comfort for so long as you abide with me, the lord and master of this Domain. Come, enter now it begins.”

Sebastian looks beaten and disgraced after all he was the only one of his army to return to this hostile take over.Sebastian kneels to the powerful kindred that had his undefeated army wiped out.

Sebastian speaks," I humble myself in your presence Master Alaric. I heard you where a knight in the 3rd Crusade.(1187 -1192 led by Richard the Lionheart of England, Philip II of France, and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I. Richard who made a truce with Saladin…)I seek knowledge Tzimisce I heard still exist along with the originals."

Alaric stands and speaks,“I was a Knight of Clan Lasombra.You have a lot to learn.You are merely in charge of a few. A true leader leads by example and does not just give orders remember that young one. Careful what you search for young one the answer might get you killed.”


Good stuff, Donnie :) But this is the perfect time for Sebastian to ‘go to ground’ in New Orleans…..

The Gathering #4

what do you mean go to the ground?

The Gathering #4

AKA Hide-out in the city as if you left but really you are still there…..

The Gathering #4

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