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Enter the Shroud #11

A new beginnig part 1

This is my story…for I am Dr. Slater. Waiting for Werewolves. My current predicament is troubling first I am Kelly my old assistant. I do not know where my son is he is my main reason why I am still in this world. Where I last left off super dome. Are possible end is coming. First they hit the broadcast booth where Bash was. I got hit with a sneak attack but I managed to deal with it. Ivy was the biggest surprise she managed to take out two of the werewolves rather easy. Khalid was eventually helped by her. I called my dagger for help as a werewolf appeared and helped me take out the one I was fighting. We eventually defeated them and headed back to the mansion where we all talked to the early morning.

During the day I first record my voice as Kelly at least thirty minutes worth also on my laptop to help cover my soon to be new Identity. I can not let them know who I am this time. I find a man who I was not able to find any identy on. I cleaned him up at my place and I aided him sent him to a better place. Tonight I am going to ask my new master to teach me obfuscate. Also to help me with a new kindred identity.


Interesting, we’ll see where this goes.

Enter the Shroud #11

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