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The Universal Constant

It’s been said that the only universal constant is change. That sounds pretty believable to me.

In the past hour, so much has changed. So much that it’s easy to believe that we sit on the very brink of Gehenna.

A very personal change has taken hold of me.

Seeking power for the coming battle with one of three Antediluvians that have awakened, I accepted an offer meant to lower my generation. It worked. I can feel the potential for power that fills me. What now troubles me is, at what cost to my soul, does this gift come? My blood has changed and with it fades a madness that I never identified in myself before. It was that insane drive that lead me to accept this change in the first place but now that my mind is truly clear, I’m horrified by what I’ve become and the fight ahead.

Before, I was so unjustifiably smug and confident that it was my destiny to somehow prevail against the nearly impossible task that lies ahead. Now I’d give almost anything to feel that mad conceit again.

It was strangely comforting even if it was incredibly deluded.

Still, if this is the end for me, it’s been one hell of a ride.


*That’s what she said….


Who? Scarlet? :P


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