New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

A New Begining

I stand again in the sun.

I’m back. I’m home.

The sun shines. A fact I can attest to because I walk bathed in it’s rays every day.

It’s 1986. Once again, I drive my much loved Trans Am. She’s brand new, right from the showroom floor. The twin towers still stand. Punk bands still rock CBGB. Ronald Reagan is president. “Top Gun” tops the box office and MTV still plays music videos.

What music it is too.

I continue to avoid the night club where my darkest memory was born. In fact it took me three whole months to scare up the courage to visit any of the old haunts. Places where they used to congregate. Knowing their ways and what to look for, I ventured to these places at night with much apprehension. What if Grant lied? What if he didn’t know? What if they were there, lurking in the shadows… hunting fresh prey. The thought terrified me but I had to know. So, I went to several of these places. Each time the fear welled up inside me as I approached, almost driving me away.

But guess what.

They weren’t there. There are no real vampires stalking the streets or night spots of New York City. There’s no indication that they exist at all. I remember that that was the very point of the “masquerade” but I of all people, know their ways.

I knew their ways. In another time, another… darker version of this world. That version no longer exists and neither do they.

I am truly free to relive my life right. I’m truly free to live!



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