New Orleans Greater Metropolitan

A Greater Sin

What have we done?

My God! What have we done?

As it turns out, the “nuke” we dropped that was mainly supposed to effect supernatural creatures and therefore, only would have destroyed a scant few, was in fact, an actual nuke as well. It wiped thousands of humans from the face of the Earth and left a large portion of the city in ashes!

Even worse, since more died than was intended, we inflicted the very crisis that we had tried to stop the Technocracy from causing. The human souls loosed by the bomb fed the growing darkness in the spirit realm. Now Oblivion is seeping into our world from tears in reality and surging forth to claim the living!

Could it be a part of the curse of Cain’s blood? Could it be that anything we vampires touch, no matter our good intentions, becomes tainted and twisted by evil… consumed by the darkness inside us? Was I wrong to think our desperate bid to stop what’s coming had a chance of succeeding? Was I naive to think that we could be heroes?

What redemption can there be for us now? Is there such a thing? Apparently, someone claims so. Some even believe it. Ethan seems understandably skeptical. I share his doubt.

As night prepares to give way to dawn, I feel sleep about to take me. I fear it will be filled with fitful dreams as I find myself filled with dread. My instincts tell me there is something false in these supposed offers of redemption.

Something… something I learned in childhood… something my parents tried to impress on me, is trying to break through the haze to my conscious thoughts even as they wain. What did they say?

And did I just hear Granite tell someone he would go with them? My eyes close. The sleep of the dead overtakes me.



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